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Top Four Apps to rescue Merchants with the effect of Demonetization of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 Banknotes

India 12 November 2016: In all this fuss of the government scrapping Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes with immediate effect, most have failed to see the series of moves leading to this moment. Consumers appear to be the focal point of this decision, with the traditional and digital media buzzing with the stories of either their woes or support to the decision. In the entire frenzy, we perhaps have seemed to forgotten Merchants, as the essential and integral part of the economy. Here are some apps which can rescue merchants from the challenges of demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs. 1000 bank notes.

PayUmoney Seller App 

PayUmoney Seller App is a FREE and unique online payments solution for anyone who wants to collect payments from their customers (be it Individuals, brick & mortar start-ups, Freelancers, Schools, Hotels, Utility companies, Residential societies,Telcos, Insurance companies, traders, retailers etc). The PayUmoney Seller app is available on Google and Apple playstore and it takes only 2 minutes for merchants to activate and receive payments. The app helps merchants to quickly & easily send bills across WhatsApp, SMS and email to collect payments from the customers. It also allows merchant to save products and their prices so that the merchant can easily reuse the items for sending future bills. The app also has a sales dashboard that allows merchants to track bills sent / payments received.

TranServ (Udio)

Udio, India’s first social wallet, launched by TranServ,offers diverse array of inter-operable payments solutions delivering seamless payments experience and products to both consumers and businesses. Udio’s partnership with Visa gives any merchant accepting Visa an opportunity to collect payments without the hassle of dealing with cash. The Udio wallet also comes equipped with the mVisa feature, which allows payments to be made by simply scanning a QR code and authorizing the transaction.


Telr is a leading payment gateway offering a set of unified APIs and tools that instantly enable businesses to accept and manage online payments via web, mobile and social media. Telr has announced the launch of the first merchant self-on boarding solution in the country. This will enable fast and seamless integration with a 15 minute sign up time without upfront costs for India’s large and growing online merchant base. It will boost the business of these merchants through its rich, secure payments gateway as well as value-added services. Telr offers online payments solutions for merchants using websites as well as social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and mobile apps.

Razor Pay

With cash transaction using notes of denomination 500 and above in a limbo, people have had to resort to going cashless. To facilitate the process and to provide merchants with a fast alternative, Razorpay has introduced the Express Activation service. Setting up an account to accept online payments can be a time consuming and difficult process. However, with an eye towards helping merchants get on-board quickly so that they can keep their businesses open and accept payments through online transactions, the Company has reduced its activation time by as much as 98.6% to help enterprises without online payment capabilities quickly get the ball rolling again.