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VERBIND Inks MoU With Invest Shanghai

India 4 November 2016: Taking forward the existing Trade and Investment potential between India and China; VERBIND (the service arm of 13 World Trade Centers in India for which Viridian RED holds the licenses) reaffirmed the bilateral ties and cooperation by anchoring a Memorandum of Understanding with Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board (INVEST SHANGHAI). Ms. Khair Ull Nissa Sheikh, Executive Director, VERBIND and World Trade Center Noida joined hands with Mr. Jeffrey Wang, Vice President of Shanghai Foreign Investment Development Board (INVEST SHANGHAI) with view to transforming the prospective business relations towards building a domain of superlative commercial ties between India and China and expediting Chinese investors to explore the burgeoning Indian market and economy.

VERBIND Inks MoU With Invest Shanghai 

Ms. Khair-Ull-Nissa Sheikh, commenting on the agreement said, ‘We aim to develop and promote cooperation in the field of trade and investment on the basis of reciprocity and mutual benefit.” She further added, “Cooperation in the facilitation of investments into and within our respective territories by providing end-to-end services would be a priority.”

Reiterating the thoughts of Ms Sheikh, Mr. Wang said, “We would work in tandem to achieve beneficial results for each other through facilitation and extension of services agreed upon.”
Chinese companies are looking at investment opportunities in India. VERBIND through the Make in India initiative of the Government will facilitate Chinese Companies in India through providing array of business services ranging from Consulting, acquisition of land, plug and play facilities to facilitation under single window and minimal approvals.

The MoU puts forth an understanding through which the parties would promote expansion and diversification of their commercial exchanges and improve market access to the highest possible level. They would encourage mutually beneficial investments by establishing a favorable business climate for private investments. The cooperation also extends towards exchange of information of their respective trade and investment laws, rules and regulations as well as information pertaining to investment market opportunities. With an impetus to development of commerce, trade, investment, tourism and technological innovation by providing support to activities such as seminars, symposia, fairs, exhibitions, diversified missions- this agreement would lead to establishment of one- stop investment centers and advisory services to the business community between both sides.


VERBIND- a brand owned by WTC NCR Services Pvt. Ltd. and in cooperation with Viridian; Integrates Trade Facilitation and Business Management Services Organization that seeks to unify the multidimensional components of Trade Services, Investments and Infrastructure.
VERBIND has been instituted to provide business and trade services to members of the World Trade Centers across India and the ASEAN markets. IT works actively with the World Trade Center Association, New York (WTCA) that represents 330 cities in 100 countries across the globe.
As a premier service provider, it is dedicated to the establishment and effective operation of World Trade Centers as instruments for trade expansion, business harmony and economic prosperity in India. VERBIND has recently expanded its operations to non WTC members, emerging as a preferred and independent platform for integrated trade facilitation and business management services.