Videocon Connect felicitates Employee Achievers at “The Superheroes” R&R Evening

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 Employees and Top management performed at the Event

Chandigarh, 11 November, 2016
: Corporate world is highly competitive, motivating and engaging employees is a task in itself. Organizations these days do a lot of activities to encourage employees. One such activity that is carried out is R&R (Reward and Recognition). It aims at rewarding the employees and recognizing them for their performance and contribution towards the growth of the organization.

Employee perfroming at Videocon Connect R&R Evening
 Employee perfroming at Videocon Connect R&R Evening

Employees perfroming at Videocon Connect R&R Evening
 Employees perfroming at Videocon Connect R&R Evening

Mr. Arvind Bali, CEO – Connect Broadband and Videocon Telecom
Mr. Arvind Bali, CEO – Connect Broadband and Videocon Telecom

 Videocon Connect celebrated its first bi-annual employee Rewards & Recognition program for the Performance Year 2016-17 at Hotel Park Plaza, Zirakpur on 5th November 2016 amidst huge fanfare. In the backdrop of the theme “the SUPERHEROES” a rich confluence of stars emerged from the organization – The Achievers. Around 500 employees from different offices across India participated in the extravaganza that witnessed not only the felicitations but also a scintillating display of performances on the same lines as the showbiz. The teleco holds these events in both Indian and foreign locations from time to time in order to engage and motivate employees. This evening was different from past in the sense that earlier celebrities were roped in to perform, but this time employees performed at the event.

The event was inaugurated with Senior Leadership members chanting the beautiful,”Ik Onkar…” reverberating the audience with the divine strength laying foundation to a great beginning. Mr. Arvind Bali, CEO – Connect Broadband and Videocon Telecom, addressed the gathering and praised the employees for their commitments that was one of the key factors for the magnetic evening at Zirakpur. He summed up the business opportunities and the potential within to tap the same. His address was followed up by key notes from different business leaders. The award ceremony began immediately after that with around 150 nominated employees being commended for their half-yearly business contributions.

The gala event had scores of employees participating & exhibiting their talent through group performances, singing, classical dance and skits. Such was the brilliance of the talent that the entire audience was mesmerized and the whole auditorium echoed with loud voices, “Once more, Once more…” One of the employees, Vikas Pandita, sang a beautiful rendition of “Bol do na zara…” from the Azhar flick. Such was the melody of his voice that the whole audience was left enchanted. There were group performances from Chandigarh, Bathinda, Amritsar, Patiala & Jalandhar zonal employees, The Folk Dance Bhangara that resulted in employees rising from their seats and swinging to the dance notes. A fascinating group performance by Ludhiana zonal employees set the tone for the evening. Another employee, Ibha Katoch, enthralled the audience with her amazing Kathak dance showcasing the ‘Tatkar (footwork)’ and ‘Chakkar (spins)’ styles of the classique. A hilarious skit was presented by Jalandhar Call Center team that spoke about the importance of women education in our customary world. The skit was an instant catch bearing the women education related issues that plague our society at large. All the performances received a huge applause from the audience in general and the management in particular.

The mega event drove to its conclusion as the employees immersed themselves into the pool of enjoyment through dance & dinner. The environment went eclectic as employees and management joined into the celebrations. The stage was set high for an electric festivity as employees poured into the centre stage breaking the rules of formalities and relaxing them in the fanfare

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