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What to wear to a Christmas Party for Guys

What to wear to a Christmas Party for Guys

India 13 November 2016: We all love Dressing up for occasions. Christmas is one such occasion which calls for being well dressed. All year long, you have been waiting for Christmas to get all decked up. Dressing up for a Christmas party can get a little tricky So read on to know how you can set the tone perfectly with these amazing styles:

1. The Smart Casual Look

The Smart Casual Look

If you are to attend a friend's Christmas party or a family event on Christmas, then you can choose a more casual look. For this smart casual look you can choose to wear a jacket, shirt and the best pair of jeans, Wear some cool casual shoes to compliment this look. You can choose to skip the jacket and just go with a clean, crisp white shirt, blue jeans and formal shoes.

2. The Formal Look

The Formal Look What to wear to a Christmas Party for Guys

If it’s an office Christmas party you are to attend, the formal look is the style to choose. This doesn’t mean you wear your normal office clothes to the party. While deciding what to wear for the party you can get creative and try a navy blue tone velvet or corduroy blazer. You can also replace the shirt with a polo or a turtle neck tshirt.

3. The Festive Touch

The Festive Touch What to wear to a Christmas Party for Guys

Be it any Christmas party you are attending, don’t forget to add a little glitter and spunk to your style as you don’t want to appear dull wearing your regular blacks and greys. Spunk your suit up with a red tie or you can choose to wear some funky cufflinks. You can also try burgundy and deeper shades of green this Christmas season in your layering.

4. The Accessories

The Accessories What to wear to a Christmas Party for Guys

Sometimes keeping your look a little casual with some cool accessories this Christmas. Accessories can be worn to any Christmas party; be it at work, home or with your buddies. Choose a key accessory which will draw attention to your look. This could be anything from your shoes, or a winter scarf etc. Make sure that your accessories are jazzy and not the regular ones.

5. The Knitwear

The Knitwear What to wear to a Christmas Party for Guys

The best place to experiment the shirt and knitwear combo is at occasions in the winter season like a Christmas party. This amazing look can be achieved by wearing a simple cardigan over a pastel coloured shirt and trousers to keep the look formal. This amazing look is sure to make you look classy and casual at the same time.

So with these styles in mind go and style your Christmas look.