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Sex toys find more acceptance in India

Sex toys find more acceptance in India

It can be quite surprising to know that the land of Kamasutra, the ultimate guide to love, lust and sex, considers sex toys to not only be obscene but also anti-cultural. While a huge majority of Indian society still pretends that sex doesn’t exist, it still doesn’t explain the high rise of population every year. But of lately, the younger generation or the urban young have started a kind of revolution of their own; a sexual revolution. The recreational element of this basic human need has gotten a much needed push with intrepid entrepreneurs and even Indian celebrities openly endorsing erotic products and adult Toys, has finally managed to take adult toys off the long list of Indian taboos if not made it a common topic. Also the wider reach of internet has made high quality sex toys not only easily accessible but also private (protecting you from nosy neighbors and their comments).

E commerce (E for erotic)

It’s interesting to note that the sexual wellness market is expected to grow at a rate of 34.8% per year, in India from 2014 to 2019. The current market size in India us approximately around 227.8 million dollars, which isn’t surprising as its sexually active population is about 66% of the total population. What is even more surprising to note is that the stereotype of Indian women being coy and conforming is surely a myth now as the sales of lubricants, adult toys and sexy lingerie has skyrocketed because of a strong female customer base in India.

Small steps to overcome the hurdles

When it comes to India, even in certain cities, it isn’t easy for people to go shopping for condoms, lingerie or other sexual products without people giving you a judgment look. Indian society loves shaming those that they consider ‘liberated’.

Ironically even the staff in shops isn’t always friendly. In major cities, women are still shamed when they are out partying all night, verbally abused when found smoking and even moral policed when found with members of the opposite sex. There was a time when any discussion having to do with sex was similar to jumping into a tank filled with sharks. But the furor has died down and more and more people are now coming forward to educate one another on the importance of sexual health which is leading to a still hesitant but more accepting society.

Changing times

Presently, there are innumerable companies’ online selling sex toys in India. These companies are catering to a whole section of men and women who have been denied the chance to explore their sexuality by not only the government (as in article 377) but also by the restrictions imposed upon them by their family and society. Some of the owners of these sexual wellness companies are women, (surprisingly) who believe that expressing yourself sexually is important for not only your physical but also your mental well-being. It can be rather shocking for many ‘shy’ Indians to know that female customers on sexual wellness sites tend to spend more than their counterparts.

Between 2013 and 2015, there was a significant growth in the Indian sex toys industry because of the awareness of products and the more relaxed mentality on sex, at least among the urban youth. Studies show that men are spending a huge chunk of their money on lubricants while women spend their cash on sexy lingerie the most and next on lubricants.

No more ‘coy’ toys

The picture of a ‘typical Indian woman’ is very very far from the picture painted by studies done by adult toy ecommerce sites. After the release of the scandalous book and movie that made waves all over the world; fifty shades of Grey, women have been shopping for products of the same theme with gusto.

The sale of sex toys all over the world has gone up as well, with women taking the lead when it comes to customer lines, sales teams and even shopping for products online.

Indian women and men are taking a lot interest in their sexual health by asking more questions and having discussions more publicly, talking about new products and voicing their needs and even pushing for innovation. The couples who have learned that they can spice up their bedroom with the sexiest lingerie and condoms that come in unbelievable varieties have gained the confidence and need to start experimenting with sex and finding out what they both like.

The sexual revolution will continue to grow in India and also spread across the globe and online adult toy companies will continue to come up with new products that enhance the sexual health and relationship of couples.

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