Ashley Furniture HomeStore Enters Indian Market

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Opens its First Home Store In Bengaluru

Bengaluru 11th December 2016: Your home is more than a house, it’s the daily moments and experiences you share that make it uniquely you. At Ashley Furniture HomeStore, we celebrate being home with you. Our stores are passionate about being the best and most affordable furniture store for your home. Rooms are meant for living and dreaming. Helping you furnish your home inspires us in everything we do. From designing collections and products around the latest trends, to adding greater values for our customers. It all translates into the styles you want—always at a great price.

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Enters Indian Market

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Enters Indian Market

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Enters Indian Market

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Enters Indian Market

Furniture  HomeStore Ashley  opens it’s first  store in Bengaluru at Ashley  No.114/2A , Outer Ring Road, Opp, to Nandi Toyota, Banaswadi, Bangalore 560 043  in Presence of  Mr. Charles Spang President – International Sales & Operations, Ashley Furniture Industries Inc.

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of furniture in the world with major manufacturing facilities in the United States and abroad. Ashley Furniture Industries supplies furniture to over 6,000 retail partners in 123 countries delivering over 30 million pieces of furniture worldwide.  Ashley Furniture product assortments are sold worldwide at over 670 Ashley Furniture HomeStores and thousands of other fine retailers.

Staying the same is going behind, because the rest of the world is moving forward.

Ashley Furniture Industries information systems unite an expert staff with state of the art technology to serve internal and external business partners 24/7 across the globe.
We continue to have the most agile operations in the industry- combining a highly skilled workforce, the most advanced equipment available, and incredible computer optimization to schedule our facilities for maximum speed and flexibility. Information Technology has created an integrated business systems environment in support of all business functions. Systems include supply chain management, warehouse management, business-to-retailer, customer service, and retail management, including point-of-sale systems and e-commerce.

Explore How It’s Made. The Ashley Way.
Ashley Furniture Industries is the #1 Furniture Manufacturer in the World. But our products aren't the only heroes. The people of Ashley Furniture Industries also help this company truly define itself. Our team lives and breathes a “dirty fingernail” approach that breeds success unlike any other. And it gets the job done. That's what we're made of and what it means to be Ashley made.With over 12,000,000 square feet under roof worldwide and over 16,000 employees in the US as well as international manufacturing locations throughout Asia with over 10,000 employees.  Using state-
of-the art equipment (often designed and built in-house), proprietary and patented assembly methods, streamlined systems and strict quality control processes, these facilities produce more than 7000 product SKUs in over 22 product categories annually. Within the US facilities there is an output of over 50,000 units per day or more than 250,000 units per week.

Great Product Design Doesn’t End With a Great Sketch
Ashley Furniture Industries in-house designers and engineers react quickly to consumer tastes, and have conquered the ability to make style and selection affordable. Talented and ambitious, they travel the world to gain an understanding of the latest trends and discover emerging materials, constructions and technologiesMastering the art of collaboration, they work closely with multiple departments to ensure products are produced efficiently. This approach contributes to Ashley Furniture Industries ease of manufacturing, cost control, and speed to market.

Developing New & Superior Product Quality Standards
Ashley Furniture Industries clear and comprehensive approach to improving the quality of our products adds to our reputation as a “World-Class Furniture Manufacturer”. At Ashley Furniture Industries, we appeal to the first impression of our customers and aim for the highest out-of- box quality. Nine state-of- the- art worldwide testing labs fuel the development of the products, packages, and processes that make-up the world’s best furniture values.Raw materials and finished products undergo extensive evaluations for durability, appearance, feel (hand), and overall performance. Tests and product standards are executed and monitored in our laboratories, on our production floors, in our warehouses, and at the point of delivery.

Our Lifestyle collections comprise of Vintage Casual, Urbanology, New Traditions, Family Spaces and Contemporary Living. Products are carefully curated to meet and support customer needs. 

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