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Aligning Brand with the Global Enterprise

Ajuba Solutions Transitions Into MiraMed Ajuba

New Delhi| March 14th, 2017: Ajuba Solutions, a Chennai-based premier healthcare RCM ITeS company, isannouncing its official merger into its parent company, MiraMed Global Solutions Inc., U.S..Formerly, Ajuba Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. will hereby officially be called MiraMed Ajuba Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MiraMed Ajuba).

Aligning Brand with the Global Enterprise

Aligning Brand with the Global Enterprise

In its 16-year journey as a premier healthcare RCM enterprise, it has evolved into a major player with regards to its BPM services as well as a provider of niche services in the healthcare sector. As a pioneer in this domain of healthcare services, Ajuba Solutions has always strived for excellence with its visionary top management and an enterprising and diverse talent pool as workforce, which makes it a very comprehensive organisation due to its unique CSR and other socially conscious initiatives, apart from extensive service of clients across the U.S.

Henceforth, Ajuba Solutions will be called MiraMed Ajuba Solutions Private Ltd. (MiraMed Ajuba). This change represents the seamless integration and realignment of the Group’s subsidiaries across geographies.

As part of that change, MiraMed Ajuba have come up with a newly realigned look. The company’s brand positioning and strategy will hereby be a true reflection of its parent company visually, while retaining its success with no change in the organization remains committed to its employees, and dedicated in its service to clients and business partners. The launch of the new logo affirms MiraMed Ajuba’s global perspective.

MiraMed Ajubanow looks to expand business, while harnessing the talent, expertise and experience of all the subsidiaries of its parent company worldwide. The merger will reflect on enhanced processes and operational strategies.

Commenting on this momentous occasion, Tony Mira, Group Founder and CEO of MiraMed Ajuba, said “We are confident that this transition to MiraMed Ajuba will provide us great strategic insight and will benefit the company in general, as well as its stakeholders, in particular, whenviewed from a long-term perspective.  This seamless integration and the realignment of the group with its subsidiaries is an exercise that will catapult MiraMed Ajuba as a leading industry player as well as spearhead more long term collaborations and partnerships in its quest for accomplishing its continuing goal to be the best in the industry.

With the advent of the IoT (Internet of Things) and the voluminous patient data available, MiraMed Ajuba is rapidly emerging as a leader in this very sought-after sector in the domain of healthcare and life sciences. As the demand surges and new business and enterprising projects continuously develop, we can rest assured that there is a lot to do in terms of servicing our clients and their expectations.  
Amidst the global happenings in U.S., as well as various differed perceptions on the healthcare sector due to a lot of external changes affecting the healthcare industry, I hope and wish to see more credible and well-acclaimed projects in the business front allowing us to achieve higher pursuits of business excellence, where we, as one family, can surge ahead in this industry united in our potential to satisfy our clients.

This is a great start and I am quite confident that this path-breaking transition will certainly propel all our hopes into an all new different territory with completely a brand new vigour and energy to reach great heights in the coming years. “

About MiraMed Ajuba Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: 

MiraMed Ajuba Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MiraMed Ajuba) is a premier provider of revenue cycle outsourcing services to healthcare systems, hospitals, Physician practice groups, academic medical centers, medical equipment suppliers, and billing and receivables management companies in the U.S. The company partners with clients to provide a broad portfolio of customizable solutions, uncover and capitalize on hidden financial opportunities, improve productivity and ultimately increase their profits through its wholly-owned subsidiary in India,MiraMed Ajuba Solutions Pvt. Ltd.MiraMed Ajuba Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is part of the MiraMed Global Services group which is headquartered in Jackson Michigan, USA. MiraMed is a Leading global provider of revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare organizations in the US.