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The Marijuana Industry is Expected to Enjoy a Hiring Spree for 2017

The Marijuana Industry is Expected to Enjoy a Hiring Spree for 2017
For those looking to enroll in a University or College program, or who have recently graduated, it’s always helpful to be aware of the current career trends. One trend that seems to be making its mark for 2017 is the absolute explosion in growth when it comes to marijuana industry careers. Thanks to it being legalized in so many states, it has suddenly opened a whole new job path.
Legalizing Marijuana on the Rise
Marijuana is now legal in 28 states, with eight allowing recreational use for adults. This number is expected to grow in 2017. This has some people arguing that the marijuana industry is on a hiring spree at the moment. Recreational use has now been legalized in Massachusetts, Nevada, California, and Maine, and was in fact a big issue during the 2016 election process.
One look at the marijuana sales in Washington and Colorado during 2015 shows just how powerful this industry is set to become. Experts are predicting that by the year 2020, revenue could hit $25 billion. That’s a number well worth taking notice of. By any accounts this can be considered an extremely lucrative industry. So with the growth in revenue predicted, there will also be a need for more employees in the industry.
Currently, entry-level employees in the industry make about $13 an hour. Obviously the management positions make more. It is expected that there will be growth in entry level, and management positions, plus a variety of new positions will be created.

The Marijuana Industry is Expected to Enjoy a Hiring Spree for 2017

What Kinds of Jobs Will Be on the Rise

As for what kinds of jobs that will be on the rise in 2017, well there's actually a pretty big variety of them. The industry will need seed harvesters, growers, delivery and courier staff, retail owners, consultants in the industry, concentrates processor (which encompasses a number of jobs), and even what is being called "edible creators" who will be responsible for thinking up new and fun ways that cannabis can be ingested/smoked/eaten.
These jobs require all different skills sets, experience, and educational backgrounds. It's making for a rather robust job market that is filled with opportunities. Now here's another incredible statistic. By the year 2020 experts are predicting that the marijuana industry will create more jobs than the manufacturing industry. In a country that is very much about job creation at the moment these are some interesting predictions to say the least.
If you're looking to get an educational background that will prepare you for the industry, you can even enroll in Oaksterdam University in California. It is one of a small handful of formal institutions that is training people for the field. Look for this to change in the future as well, as more and more universities realize the need for these types of programs.

An Industry on the Rise

As big as the marijuana industry is at the moment, it is still on the rise and really just at the beginning of its full potential.