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Championship to find super calculator child to be held in Delhi

Championship to find super calculator child to be held in Delhi

New Delhi, 21th April, 2017

Would you believe your eyes if a 5 years old child spells table of 369 without break or can do 20 rows difficult calculation in a split of a second? No? It sounds unbelievable when 200 questions of calculation are asked to be solved in less than 8 minutes. All this is possible and that too by children between 5 to 13 years. This impossible looking task is made possible by these children through ABACUS arithmetic technique. You can experience this event live on 23rd  April at St. Columbus School, Gole Market where more than 3000 Students will participate in “12 th State level Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Championship”.

Rajeev Garg, Organizer of the UCMAS event in Delhi said - U C MAS is an international concept development from “Zhusuan Methodology” for brain development of children age group 5-13 years. U C MAS mental arithmetic is an internationally well- known powerful mental development program which effectively activates children’s latent mental power and develops mental & creative skills and a photographic memory resulting in self-reliance and self – confidence.

U C MAS has become the pioneer in abacus education. Abacus is a time-tasted tool to augmentthe faculties of the brain. U C MAS uses the ancient tool-ABACUS for the right brain development theseat of intelligence contributing in a large measure to  increase speed and accuracy, learning ability,concentration, perceptual capability, which automatically results in student’s better performance inacademic subjects.The child is able to see and listen then grasp everything much faster than normal children who are not enrolled in U C MAS program. What is happening in class room the teachers are writing on the board or speaking in the class room U C MAS children grasp whatever being written on boardor spoken in class much faster than normal children which results in academic excellence.

U C MAS is a life time skill which will remain with the child forever. The program develops the child’s mathematical and logical powers to such an extent that the child after completion of this course will be able to do any arithmetic calculations mentally without the help of a calculator and with listening speed in seconds which normal students will take few minutes.