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Phoenix Marketcity presents Wingardiom Leviosa and MotherRoot


Wingardiom Leviosa
 Wingardiom Leviosa


Event: Phoenix Marketcity presents Wingardiom Leviosa and MotherRoot (Bands)
Event Dates: 21st & 23rd April 2017 (Friday & Sunday)
Venue: Concert Lane (Courtyard), Phoenix Marketcity
Timings: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Entry: Open For All

Band Name - Wingardiom Leviosa
Performance Date- 21st Friday

It is a 4 piece band, including Jitesh, Nachiket, Pranav and Trishna Shenai. They are an indie group. Their taste in music is been very independent of each other. The members met in Hubli, a small town in Karnataka, where most musicians knew each other.Emerging from different musical backgrounds, each had their own interests, aspirations and academics to deal with.

Having performed together in and around Hubli, Belgaum, Bangalore, and across projects for over four years with different artists, they decided to get together and create some music, which would be a unique concinnity of their varied styles and influences. It is an amalgamation of Jake’s Indie-grunge roots layered and syncopated with classic – modern drumming style and blend of Hindustani and post-modernistic vocal melodies and harmonies. Clubbed with MIDI samples and effects. They aim to create an experimental aura for the listeners. Though there are many artists that have inspired them to do their thing. To a list a few, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Districts, Opeth, The Paper Kites, Aurora, The Beatles, Dire Straits, Chet Faker, James Blunt and Maroon 5.

Band Name - Mother Root
Performance Date- 23rd Sunday

Straight up rock n roll intoxicants with shots of punk-ey, dance-ey stuff that make it a great wingding (also known as party)! MotherRoot shoots straight; the riffs, the hooks, the sing-along chorus lines... this is adrenaline rock that never touches the noise barrier. Kri (guitars) says "You've got to have simple, hooky, sing-along tunes if you want to take the audience with you. It's really that simple.”

MotherRoot's earliest inspiration came from The Beatles, The Stones, Deep Purple, The Who, CCR, The Kinks, Bowie, Queen and a whole generation of bands from the great Sixties. Later, it was The Ramones, Joy Division, Radiohead, Nirvana... Nipun (Bass) adds "It's like whiskey and wine. The older it gets, the better it tastes. But there's a whole lot of great music out there - old and new - that we like, and some that we love. And all this inspiration kind of brews into our sound.” “There’s music we love, and there’s music we want to play, and at the center of it is the rhythm; and that driving rhythm is really what defines our sound.” says Sushant (Guitar and Vocals).

A non-stop 90 minute set or a 120 minute set with short breaks. A solid body of originals that are mangled into this fast, energetic, hit and run set is their specialty.

Band Members
Austyn Goveas (Vocals)
Krithika Manohar (Guitars)
Nipun Ashba Narayan (Bass Guitar and Vocals)
Sushant Chandra (Lead Guitars and Vocals)
Jacques Nikolai Border (Drums)