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Procam International announces race schedule for the tenth edition of the Tata Consultancy Services World 10K

 Bengaluru, 27th April 2017:  Procam International today announced the race schedule for the five race categories in the tenth edition of the TCS World 10K scheduled for the 21st May 2017. 

The race schedule commences with the Open 10K at 5:30 am, followed by the popular Majja Run to be flagged off at 6:45 am. The Senior Citizens run and Champions with Disability Run will commence at 7:15 AM and 8:15 AM respectively. Amongst the elite races, the womens elite race shall commence at 8:00 am and the mens elite race will start at 8:50 am.

The revised timings for the races is to allow for amateur participants to complete their runs before the summer heat sets and encourage them to return to the stadium to witness the finale of the clash between the track & field athletes and road race specialists participating in the prestigious World 10K. 

The changed in race schedule will also ensure the least amount of disruption to commuters in the city and accommodate for the infrastructural development happening in the Central Business District and its surrounding areas.

With the Open 10K flagging off at 5:30 AM, Gates will open at 4:00 am on 21st May 2017 and all participants are requested to arrive at the venue 60 minutes prior to their race start time. 

Race Schedule 2017:

Start Time
Race Category
5:30 a.m.
Open 10K
10 km
6.45 a.m.
Majja Run
6 km
7:15 a.m.
Senior Citizens’ Run
4 km
8:00 a.m.
Elite Women
10 km
8:15 a.m.
Champions With Disability
4 km
8:50 a.m.
Elite Men
10 km