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Spectranet brings truly unlimited 100 Mbps fibre broadband to Noida

Spectranet brings truly unlimited 100 Mbps fibre broadband to Noida

Ushers in the third age of connectivity by offering hi-speed broadband services across the city

New Delhi; 18th April 2017: Spectranet, India’s first 100% fibre broadband service provider today announced the launch of its world-class internet services in Noida. The company offers truly unlimited usage with symmetric speed of 100 Mbps which means that the users will get both 100 Mbps upload and download speeds. The company offers next generation fibre broadband services with the capability of offering 1 Gbps speeds for residential and 10 Gbps for business customers. The truly unlimited high-speed fibre broadband plans start at INR 1199 in the new launch areas.

“Noida being an important industrial hub, it was our natural choice to begin our foray into the Uttar Pradesh markets. With tech-savvy residents who have a preference for quality services, we are ushering in the third age of connectivity* across India. This age is device agnostic where content and experience is completely seamless and replicable between devices, where scalability, availability and affordability of high-speed broadband services is the fundamental driving force. Fibre Optic is the backbone of this phenomenon, said Udit Mehrotra, Managing Director & CEO, Spectranet.

Spectranet’s unique 100 Mbps unlimited offering will enable consumers to do so much more - enjoy video services like HungamaTM and NetflixTM, use smart TV features, and connect many more devices to their home WiFi, services which are currently available selectively only to very limited households because of non-availability of a reliable high-speed broadband.

“Fibre being the most advanced technology enables broadband to work years on years without the customers needing to upgrade their cables. This enables us to potentially provide speeds 100 times beyond what the customers are experiencing now and enhance their experience. In US, minimum broadband speed is 25 mbps, we want to bring our customers at par with the global broadband users,” he added.

The company has started by providing broadband services in Sector 93 with more areas being added rapidly.

PS: Plans mentioned above are calculated basis the Quarterly subscription scheme.

About Spectranet

Spectranet is an innovative and disruptive technology company dedicatedly working to deliver joy, advantage and success for people through and by, the continuous pursuit of excellence in Internet services. It is India’s only end to end pure optical fibre network enabled Internet service provider, capable of delivering speeds of 1 Gbps for home & 10 Gbps for business customers.  With headquarters in Gurgaon, its fibre network presence is currently spread across eight major cities.  

*The Third Age of Connectivity

New dimensions of ongoing Digital Revolution is evolving year-by-year, which is enabling an abundance of information to move faster, cheaper, in more intelligible forms, in more directions, and across borders of every kind. The case for broadband has already been established with foreseeable benefits of a networked and connected economy.

Connectivity however, is progressive by nature and has evolved through three important stages:-

The first age was all about proprietary networks essentially comprising terrestrial TV, telephone, fax, early email, et all. This age was characterized by little and/or no interconnectivity; heavy regulation and near monopolistic economics coupled with controlled pricing regime; sub-optimal new market entry and innovation. This phase was about mass or vanilla media.

The second age ushered in a new era which was pre-dominantly device driven. This was triggered by the commoditization of the PCs (sub $1,000); introduction of content, experience and use albeit device-specific and device dependent. Innovation started being unleashed and lesser regulation led to the personalization of the computer; with all the attendant impacts on home and office life.

The third age of connectivity (current) is device agnostic where content and experience is completely seamless and replicable between devices and, to an extent, even  objects. This is the IoT era, dependent (and precipitated by) affordable connectivity; Wi-Fi etc. This age has brought in a highly competitive market, huge levels of innovation and market entry and/or exit. Content has become ‘liquid’ (it’s almost a gaseous state) and can fill any device, object or environment. Interestingly, this is the age of the individual, personal experience; device or choice, moment(s) of choice. This is the Third Age of Connectivity.

The third age of connectivity is driven by high-speed broadband where scalability, availability and affordability of broadband services is the key. Fibre Optic is the key driver of this phenomenon.