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Bengaluru based HHV Achieves prestigious ‘Certification of Qualification’ from ISRO

Only a handful of companies across the world have had the privilege of serving ISRO in this sphere and HHV becomes the first Indian company to cross that barrier

Prasanth Sakhamuri, MD, HHV
Prasanth Sakhamuri, MD, HHV

Mumbai, May 15, 2017: Bengaluru based Hind High Vacuum Co. Pvt. Ltd. (HHV), announced that is has achieved the prestigious ‘Certification of Qualification’ awarded by Space Application Centre(SAC), ISRO for its 3 layer metallization process on Alumina substrates for flight hardware realization.This outstanding product ‘3- layer metallization on alumina substrate’ better known as Thin Film Metalized Circuits realized by populating with various components for use in high frequency RF circuits, was entirely developed by HHV’s dedicated team of R&D professionals out of its facility in Bengaluru.

The certification was accorded with honor by Mr. A.K Lal, Group Director SRG, SAC to Mr. Prasanth Sakhamuri, Managing Director, N.J Babu, COO and Mr Ramakrishna Siddam, Business Head of HHV.

” HHV is humbled to be recognized and be of service to an organization like ISRO which is bringing glory to India across the world with its technical prowess and execution excellence. Only a handful of companies across the world have had the privilege of serving for ISRO and HHV becomes the first Indian company to cross that barrier” said Prasanth Sakhamuri, Managing Director of HHV. “The technology required for the end product is an amalgamation of both thought leadership and precise execution leading to a superior finished product. This has been possible through the best in class manufacturing practices and technical intellect at HHV leading to a world class product.’’

“The manufacturing unit set up by HHV for this process required matching stringent specifications for space qualification and highest level of precision to produce reliable and consistent quality products. The necessary up gradation of the production systems was taken up to bring in futuristic technologies. An ISO Class 6 clean room was specifically established for the purpose of depositing defect free metallization coatings” added Prasanth Sakhamuri.

Metallized Alumina circuits find extensive use in many additional applications like SAW devices, Microwave Integrated Circuits, low noise amplifiers and power dividers, Medical applications like deep tissue heating, and collision detection for Automotive Industry, and endless uses in RADAR. With great advantage of superior processing technology, competitive pricing and easy inland delivery, it is intended to provide the best experience to the customer. To further build a reputation as the technology leader and also be future ready , efforts are on  to build a lithography facility in-house to etch circuits out which will meet the futuristic demands in space technology helping to serve the country better. HHV is always committed to delivering the best in class products to the customer.

Established in 1965 at Bangalore as a specialized enterprise to develop Indian self-reliance in high vacuum technology,HHV today serves a spectrum of Industries and R&D centers covering aerospace, atomic energy, defence, automotive, semi-conductors, electrical, horology, scientific instrumentation, decorative, food processing to name a few. HHV has an advanced research and manufacturing program in thin film technology, material science, metallurgy, astronomy, and special purpose machinery.

About HHV

Hind High Vacuum Company (HHV), Bangalore, India was established in the 1965, with clear perspective to harness vacuum technology to cater to the growing needs of various R&D and industrial applications. Over the last 52 years of its existence it has excelled in establishing Indian self-reliance in high vacuum technology and has become an international supplier of high quality vacuum equipment.

HHV works in three separate divisions based on specific technology:

1. Vacuum systems & special projects

2. Thin film equipment & contract manufacturing

3. Optics & thin film coatings

HHV’s corporate office & manufacturing center is located at a 5 acre campus in Peenya industrial area of Bengaluru and its second manufacturing center in a 6.5 acre campus at Dabaspet, about 40 km’s from Bengaluru.