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Notion Press publishes a spine chilling anthology ‘When Things Went South’ by Moosa Salem

Mumbai, 11th May :2017  Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company  has launched an interesting anthology of four thrilling novellas, When Things Went South by Moosa Saleem, a film and music director. These four different stories in the book portray interesting journey of the protagonists. Exploring dark tones each story enters the world of a unique character  

The book begins with a gripping story titled Silent Obsession, which revolves around the protagonist, Vikrant who is faced with two choices, killing his wife or living the life of a criminal.  But, guilt manifests within his psychosis in a way that haunts him forever.

The second novella, In Too Deep centres around a high-school teacher who kidnaps a student and consequently, all hell breaks loose. In the third story, Maqaam, a struggling rock band in a Muslim region is trying to make their own way, despite interference from Muslim clerics. The fourth story Skin Mask deals with the mysterious killing of a wealthy businessman, who is found dead in the street post-midnight.

As the title suggests, the book is set to take readers on a thrilling journey to a new setting, as it explores dark tones and each story in this book enters a new dimension with each character. From a struggling rock band in a Muslim region to a repressed high-school teacher, When Things Went South offers spine-chilling twists with every page.  The stories were originally written for web series’ and films and were later revisited and expanded for this new collection.

Moosa Saleem, is a young man who works in the creative industry and is from Kashmir, but has now settled in Mumbai. Moosa is a travel lover, a big fan of psychological thriller movies and progressive rock music. He made his first feature film at the young age of twenty. His work has been aired on the popular music television channel, MTV. He owns a production house in Mumbai, Access Code Entertainment and a music label under the name of ‘Jhelum Records’. After having proved his mettle in film making and music composing, Moosa now turns a writer with his first collection of short stories, which is a compilation of dark and thrilling tales.

About Notion Press : At a time where much is being written about and discussed on how the culture of reading has been on the decline in the last two decades since the Internet, and traditional means of storytelling feared to be falling in prominence, a group of enterprising individuals realized that this fear was actually baseless; because as they saw it, more people were now craving to write, to tell stories and make their own voices heard, but unaware of how to go about it. The result of that exciting realization is what has manifested and grown into Notion Press today.

Launched in January, 2012, Notion Press offers various high-quality publishing, book printing and distribution options to both authors and publishers from around the world. Notion Press is a launch pad for writers from India to publish and sell paperback or hardbound books and eBooks around the world. Authors are mentored by a team of publishing and book marketing experts who assist them in every step of the publishing process. Now, being a published author is no longer a distant dream for anyone bitten by the literary bug and eager to narrate their stories.