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Typhoo Tea: Your perfect travel companion

~This summer go out and explore with Typhoo tea in your bag~

New-Delhi, 23 May 2017: As temperature is soaring and vacation season is just around the corner, everyone is getting ready for their perfect summer outing. To enjoy a relaxed vacation and keep yourself rejuvenated this summer; do not forget to carry your favorite tea with you wherever you go!

A cup of Tea is not just a drink, it’s an expression; while we are on the rod how often does it happen that we get “Our Kind of Tea”, to make the journey easier and to relax the mind & body, almost never! Typhoo- the British Tea brand known for its assortment of teas comes to the rescue with its travel friendly tea bags.

Enjoy you cuppa on the go and begin you expedition with your tea companion. With its easy to carry heat-sealed tea bag format, Typhoo can be carried in handbags, thus minimizing the space. With the change in eating & sleeping pattern while travelling, one tends to get dizzy and tired; a good cup of Tea keeps you going and energized for the hectic travel schedule.

As compared to the various aerated drinks available in the market, Typhoo has healthier and refreshing teas with over 25 variants to choose from including eight variants of Green teas and three fruit infusions, which are your perfect beverage companion for summer. For all who are conscious about their caffeine intake, Typhoo has India’s first Decaf Tea which is 99% caffeine free.
 So, grab your favorite Typhoo tea bag while you pack your bags for the next trip.

Typhoo is available at leading F&B stores in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Goa Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Chandigarh.

Typhoo Tea: Your perfect travel companion

Typhoo Tea: Your perfect travel companion