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Vararoha launches Forest-inspired jewelery “ARANYA”

-Collection depicts the various animals and insects that represent life in a forest-

Jewelry designer Anushka Jain recently launched the new collection “ARANYA” under her brand Vararoha. Her latest collection is inspired from the existence of Life in a Forest. Forest is symbolic of Life that is mysterious and ambiguous yet at the same time it gives a feeling of spirituality and depth. Hence, the intricate and exquisite designer jewelry is inspired from butterfly, spider, lion and swan.

Her collection of precious jewelry comprises of carved STONE earrings, rings, pendant sets, neckpieces, bracelets.  The sleek precision, intelligent designing and admirable craftsmanship makes the collection more alluring and enticing. The collection has been created using different gemstones which are not common in the market.  Fancy shape of diamonds including round brilliant shape, pearls etc has been amalgamated.

Butterfly Shaped Medallion, Jewellery by Vararoha  Brand-
 Butterfly Shaped Medallion, Jewellery by Vararoha  Brand-

Lion Shaped Gold & Diamond Jewellery by Vararoha Brand
 Lion Shaped Gold & Diamond Jewellery by Vararoha Brand
Spider shaped Medallian Jewellery by Vararoha Brand-
Spider shaped Medallian Jewellery by Vararoha Brand-

The collection depicts the various animals and insects that represent life in a forest.  One of the designs of the earrings with diamonds is inspired from the face of the lion, as he is a symbol of authority and command over subconscious thought.

Another piece has butterfly engraved on the earring with diamond and dendritic agate stone. Butterflies are viewed as representing endurance, change, hope, and life hence the inspiration is derived.

Another beautifully carved piece has been taken from the look of a spider with diamond and Mat finished gold ball. The spider is an ancient symbol of mystery, power and growth hence serves as a reminder that our choices construct our lives.


Anushka Jain is the designer behind the brand Vararoha. A multi-talented artist at heart, Jewelery Designer Anushka has dabbled in various forms of art before taking up jewellery design as her vocation. Early in her career as an artist she was offered a scholarship from the prestigious Winchester School of Art London on merit of her paintings and sketches alone. Anushka holds a Bachelor in Commerce from University of Delhi, a Diploma in Fine Arts from National institute of Fine Arts, Delhi, degrees in gemology, jewellery designing and CAD from IIGJ-D New Delhi and has completed a jewellery manufacturing course from Central Saint Martin, University of London Arts.

She also holds a Foundation Diploma from the Pearl Academy College of Fashion Designing and apart from the Winchester School of Art has also been approached by the InstitutoMaragoni. Today Anushka takes her jewellery just as seriously as she takes her art and draws inspiration from the one to strengthen the other. Her background as a gifted artist allows her to approach jewellery design with the right focus and in depth understanding of forms, colors, balance and aesthetics.

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Availability: 11, First Floor, BQ Block, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi