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VSG Music to support music video launch for new Singer across New Delhi

A Unique concept which providing big platform to Newcomers in Industry

Registrations open Till 31 May 2017

New Delhi 8 May 2017: If someone sings well and want to make career in music industry than need to contact VSG Music, VSG Music a music industry advisory and Entertainment Company announced “Sabka Banega Singing Career” country one of its unique platform aimed at bringing together the singing talent which was bound due to financial crisis earlier. Company will bear the all the cost of publicity, promotion, and other required testis which needed to assist the right Talent.

VSG Music to support music video launch for new Singer across New Delhi

VSG Music to support music video launch for new Singer across New Delhi

In case of the selection aspirants need to signed agreement for next 3 Years with the company, this will be selective stage show, product endorsement and other activity.

Company Founder Mr. Vijay Shekhar Gupta Said “The Music industry is really expansive for the Aspirants from the Tier 1 and Tier 2 city and the talent is unrecognized by the financial drawback, and “Sabka Banega Singing Career” giving platform to the talent for showcasing there singing credibility’s we will insure the cash flow. Where Hundreds of companies looting in lakhs we are offering in the cost of 500 Rupees a day which is equivalent to NO COST”.

The Company already has association with TV Channels and digital platform to promote a successful career to singing aspirates. Some music companies have made music so costly and made out of reach so that talented singers and music loving people are taking turn away from music. Nowadays Music companies are mushrooming all around the country, which made music out of reach that a normal person thinks hundred times before connecting with music.

Interested Aspirants need to contact by or call to9833778604

About VSG  Music

VSG music is the division of VSG Films is a new entrant in the world of entertainment. It is a film production house set up by Mr. Vijay Shekhar Gupta, who has been associated with the film industry in the past in various capacities. Mr. Gupta has his business interests in the field of communications and cricket for last 20 years. His business ventures include, Foresight Communications Pvt. Ltd. (A Delhi based leading advertising agency), Foresight Cricket Academy and Foresight Cricket Grounds in Delhi NCR.

VSG MUSIC  is an endeavor to create quality music  which can appeal to masses and classes both. Mr. Vijay Shekhar Gupta intends to provide opportunity to new and fresh talent in the world of cinema too.