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Woven Gold launches Mother's Day jewelry

The collection has five variants symbolising various mother-child bonds

New Delhi, May 10, 2017: Woven Gold, an upcoming jewelry brand, today announced the launch its first collection on the occasion of Mother's Day. Christened 'Madre' which means mother in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, it is the collection of beautiful handcrafted gold pieces in diamonds and semi-precious gemstones. The collection is available at G-36, Connaught Place, New Delhi and carries a special discount of 5% for Mother's Day.

Amethyst Cradle Pendant  By Woven Gold
 Amethyst Cradle Pendant  By Woven Gold

Embossom Topaz Pendent By Woven Gold
 Embossom Topaz Pendent By Woven Gold

Eternal Bond Pendent  By Woven Gold
 Eternal Bond Pendent  By Woven Gold

Oneness Pendent  By Woven Gold
 Oneness Pendent  By Woven Gold

Trust Knot Bracelet  By Woven Gold

Trust Knot Bracelet  By Woven Gold

Ritika Bindal, Jewellery Expert and founder, Woven Gold, says, "We launched this collection to celebrate and honor the joys of motherhood, maternal bonds and influence of mothers in society. Each of the pieces are thoughtfully designed inspired from the different stages a mother experiences, right from the conceiving day to the days when she lets her child walk independently yet holding his hand through every step."

The collection comprises five options. First is 'Oneness Heart Pendant', which is crafted in Rose Gold and White Gold. The heart shaped pendant celebrates the joy of being a parent. The shape and colors of this pendant brings out the feeling of Oneness beautifully. Second is 'Eternal Bond Pendant', which symbolises the first physical interaction, the first voice and the first bond that a child knits with his mother. This gold pendant shows how she protects the little one inside her and looks after the child with all her warmth and love, which only tends to grow more and fonder even when the child becomes a grown up.

Then comes the 'Embosom Topaz Pendant' in gold, which shows best of the cuddle days between a child and his mother when the only path to dream-lane is in mother’s arms. The fourth one is 'Amethyst Cradle Pendant' -- a diamond and amethyst gold pendant -- portraying the playfulness and cheerfulness of a mother-child relationship when she puts her child onto her lap to cherish best of their bonding moments together. Last but not the least is 'Trust Knot Diamond Bracelet' which is crafted in forms of arms holding hands together inlayed with best handpicked diamonds and various metals. This bracelet speaks of the boundless trust a child has in his mother and the joy of abundant faith, that no matter what, a mother would always hold her child’s hand through walk of life.

Ritika Bindal is educated at UK's Bradford University in Business Management. The 27-year-old has forged new avenues for start-ups in India and is inspiring young female entrepreneurs certified in jewelry designing and diamond grading from one of the most renowned colleges of India. Born with a silver spoon in a family that has well entrenched business in Steel & Cement, she had the zeal and enthusiasm to pursue her dreams at an early age.  Ritika's aspiration is to make Woven Gold into a global brand and collaborate with a famous Hollywood personality to endorse the brand internationally. She has also co-founded the start-up incubator, ONE INTERNET, along with her brother Himanshu Bindal in 2015.

All the products at Woven Gold are meticulously hand crafted by artisans in Italy. Whispering different styles varying from bright and vibrant jewelry to monochrome diamond pieces, the key to Woven Gold’s trinket is constant search for jewelry making techniques & designing ideas that define the modern era to which every women is dedicated to. Woven Gold handpicks one of the best quality gemstones and the finest of metals combined in richest designs with the perfection of modern technology and handcrafting.