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A coffee table book, titled “Shalini Says Women on Top…of their Game” by Shalini Arora Kochhar

A coffee table book, titled “Shalini Says Women on Top…of their Game by Shalini Arora Kochhar. It’s an initiative to celebrate women from all walks of life. Women On Top is a celebration of Woman Power! It is a group of powerful ladies who have pledged themselves to work diligently towards tangible goals and to support each other.

A coffee table book, titled  “Shalini Says Women on Top…of their Game” by Shalini Arora Kochhar

The most celebrated quality of women is gratitude and being malleable. To take that as the key DNA, Women On Top has taken cancer awareness CSR initiatives as one it’s main objectives. A part of the proceeds raised for the book will be donated to The Festival of Hope foundation for cancer awareness.
The cover launch for the book was done on 21st March, 2017 at the ‘Festival of Hope’, an event that salutes the spirit of cancer survivors. As you might be aware, in India, it is estimated that 14.5 lakh people are living with the disease, with over 7 lakh new cases being registered every year. The National Cancer Registry puts breast cancer as the most common and cervical cancer as the second most common cancer in women in India. It is estimated that for every two women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, one dies, while every 8 minutes one woman dies of cervical cancer. This coffee table book aspires to raise funds and make a concerted effort to save women from this dreadful disease.

To commemorate the beginning of this journey, they are publishing a coffee table book, titled “ShaliniSays Women on Top…of their Game”. This book will feature a list of 90+ ladies from varied walks of life who are successful in their chosen fields. A directory, if you will, of strong, confident women with gumption and attitude and the ability to make a difference in today’s world. The book will have inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs. A combination of women that are aspiring and a lot who are the ones we aspire to be – women already at the top of their game!

Profile Shalini Arora Kochhar- She is a statement! She walks like a boss & She walks her talk, She expresses power with her words, she smiles with an open heart & The Woman on Top… of Her Game herself, Ms. Shalini Arora Kochhar!

The real heroes are the ones who tell the story. She brings this famous phrase alive by culminating 20 years of her excellence in to a celebratory book called the ‘ShaliniSays Women on Top of Their Game’. The book is a tribute to women power and a toast to her tribe of relationships with leading ladies who have chosen a purpose and are names to reckon with today.

Shalini set the tone for her motto when her professional career which spans two decades began as a fashion model in 1988. With several endorsement and ramp shows to her credit, a key highlight of her short, but prolific modeling career, was her participation in the record-breaking Miss India Pageant (1994) alongside global winners Sushmita Sen & Aishwarya RaiBachhan. It was then, despite a few Bollywood offers, that Shalini knew that her focus lay elsewhere.

The ability to make choices for life, came very early. After her 1994 participation in the Ms. India contest, she chose a route of marriage and domestic life and turned down every Bollywood opportunity that came her way. At that young age, when the glittery Bollywood world knocks on your door & one chooses the complete opposite direction that then speaks of a woman with conviction.