AKASA’s mashup bring Badshah and Ed Sheeran together! Don’t believe us, watch now…

Posted by: at 6/02/2017 06:26:00 am

Akasa who has been in the news for her recent duet with Ricky Martin has a new mashup up on her YouTube channel and we can’t seem to get enough of it. Ed Sheeran’s SHAPE OF YOU  and Badshah’s MERCY sound superlative and Akasa’s voice adds panache to it! The video has her taking audiences through her life and features all those who are close to her even her cute cuddly dog Treble!

Says Akasa, “ This was great fun! These songs have been on loop for me so an obvious choice for my first mashup. Also treble is a star, go go watch now!”

Sony Music worked on the video and mashup concept along with Akasa and we seem to be loving it! Don’t miss the action, check out the song now!

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