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Good sleep makes you a better father

Good sleep makes you a better father

There is no bigger blessing in the world than having a baby. Once the baby arrives, the joyful moments of your parenting life begins. Accompanied by a few hardships, a newborn child does leave you with a certain level of sleep deprivation. You may feel disorientated during the day, which can make you nauseous, irritable and fuzzy-headed. We know for sure that mothers are the ones watching over 24*7, taking care of the little angel’s tinniest of needs and feeding them.  But most mothers can manage to take a nap during the day, while the child sleeps.  On the contrary, the father has to work throughout the day, after sleepless nights, when the baby cries at night. It has been discovered that working fathers, with newborns gets less than six hours sleep at night but still works 'long hours' and hence are extremely fatigued.

The not just takes a toll on their health but their behavior with friends and family. His relation at work and with his wife tends to hit a rough road. Weighted down by professional and personal pressure, the father tends disengage with family, triggering stereotypical cases of growing distance between the father and child, observed in many Indian families. In order to maintain a healthy work/life balance, especially in today’s hectic schedules, it’s imperative to sleep well. The fathers should be able to sleep peacefully at night in order to work with a calm state-of-mind during daytime, and return home energetic.

One of the many effective ways for fathers to battle sleep deprivation is to invest in good mattress.  A good healthcare/Ortho mattress like Godrej Interio’s healthcare range is medically proven to. Godrej Interio offers a wide range of clinically tested by leading experts that helps to unwind after a long day of activity, and envelop you into a cocoon of comfort and serenity, which lulls you into a full night of sleep.

A poor sleeping pattern leads to negative impact on our cognitive skills, mood, relationships and memory amongst a host of other things. This leads to a negative impact on your career. SleepAt10, an initiative by Godrej Interio, helps you follow a regime that will lead to healthy sleeping habits and avoid stress and other health diseases that arise from insomnia. It has been medically proven by experts that the duration and the time of sleep are extremely important. Therefore, if one aims to win in life, seize the day, and attain a stress free mind and healthier body then they need to “SleepAt10”. Dr. Preeti Devnani, sleep@10 therapist, states that sleeping at 10 ƒor 6-8 hours is the most ideal sleeping habit. Enclosed below are a few tips that will help our fathers get good sleep

The new product category is backed by extensive consumer and health study. The range comprises of specialized mattresses that are scientifically created with the help of medical specialists. Sleeping, as a task, is no different, and the most valuable tool to have by your side for an excellent night’s sleep is a good mattress.

This father’s day our advice to you is eliminate sleep deprivation and don’t lose out on those special moments in your child’s life. Sleep early, start fresh and become a father that your child needs and looks out for.