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hCue - Helping Pharmacies Migrate to GST

hCue, the fastest growing digital healthcare platform in Asia has launched hCue PharmaSmart, a highly intelligent, cloud PoS Software, exclusively designed to assist small and medium businesses (SMB), retail Pharmacy shops and chains in the country, to migrate to GST. hCue will deploy around 50 crore over next 1 year to leverage the GST potential for Pharmacies &  plans to reach out to 1 lac pharmacy retailers over the next 90 days &10 lac Pharmacy retailers over the next 1 year.

There are several generic, locally installed/on-premise and even old MS-DOS/Foxpro based solutions being used in the market. Amidst this reliance on antiquated technology, hCue offers  a modern, cutting edge and highly scalable Cloud PoS solution to retail Pharmacies and Chain Pharmacies.

hCue PharmaSmart is the first online and offline cloud solution. Even during times of internet outage, pharmacies can continue their work seamlessly with multiple devices and all the information is synchronized back to the cloud once internet connectivity is restored.

hCue PharmaSmart will be available over its website. There is also an exclusive GST ready mobile billing app available for iPad and Android mobiles and tablets.

About the technology that powers hCue PharmaSmart, Vijay Krishna Co- Founder & CTO commented that, “In an era where the world is moving towards Cloud Computing & advanced technologies such as Machine learning & Artificial intelligence to take smarter instant data driven decisions, 90% of GST ready solutions currently available in India use antiquated technology which belong to the 1990’s and function as bill printing software that show basic metrics”.

“These products deny SMB Pharmacy retailers the advantage to compete fairly against Online Pharmacies. hCue with its powerful technology democratizes the reach of software to SMBs. Its strong ecosystem of Doctors & Patients will help Pharmacy generate more revenues and increase profitability by direct leads from Doctors, E-prescription, Mobile ordering etc. hCue Pharmacists have typically experienced a 20-30% increase in operating profits within 3 months of their usage.

“The needs of Pharmacy retailers are very different from that of other retailers and a generic PoS solution will not be able to fulfil their needs. For example, unlike other retailers,  Pharmacists are used to high velocity transactions with the need to make several hundred bills in an hour. This is why we innovated Thunderbolt UI, which helps pharmacies efficiently work during peak times for high frequency and fast billing.

“Pharmacists  also need dedicated Drug Master which needs to be filed with Drug authorities. hCue with its cutting edge technology helps Pharmacists comply with all the regulations with minimal intervention” said Dr. Venkatakrishna, Global Head of  Sales & Marketing at hCue.

Dr. Venkatakrishna further added that “ hCue Pharmasmart supports some important features like creating a sales invoice, discounting, record sales, expenses and purchases under the new GST regime. hCue with smart machine learning algorithms and smart rules engine will automatically differentiate between Integrated GST Vs State GST and also help the Pharmacists upload to GST network with a single click. Through its cloud based API micro services, hCue can seamlessly help the retailers connect to GST Suvidha providers of their choice for easier GST filing”

hCue has exclusively deployed over 50 engineers & professionals  from former Ernst & Young , Microsoft, Cognizant, Mindtree, Tech Mahindra who have worked tirelessly for the  last 6 months & has spent several crores to make this cutting edge Cloud based GST PoS platform for Pharmacies in record time.

hCue will be organizing country wide seminars, workshops & help desks across 100 cities over the next 60 days to educate the Pharmacists on the implications of GST for their business and how they can leverage hCue for being GST compliant.

Several PC and hardware makers have approached hCue for offering combo package to Pharma retailers and hCue will tie- up with a few majors in the following days for wider distribution. For more information, please visit