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India unites to #FlushIt with Parryware!

The campaign amassed more than 2 million engagements & 9.7 million impressions

New Delhi, 7 June 2017: Parryware, India’s leading manufacturer of bathroom products recently launched #FlushIt, a digital campaign aimed at emphasising the importance of sustainable development among the Indian population. The campaign kickstarted with short hard-hitting videos featuring children as protagonists who demand the society to take cognizance of 3 alarming issues ‘water conservation, open defecation and pollution’ and take actions to curb these.
The campaign was built on major insights & findings such as:
·       14,351 litres of water gets wasted every 10 seconds
·       Every 10 seconds, 5.5 tonnes of human waste gets dumped in open
·       Every 23 seconds, one life is lost due to air pollution in the country

These numbers highlight the gravity of the situation and call for an immediate action to put an end to these menaces. Delivering on the promise of sustainable development, Parryware chose Facebook, the most interactive and viral medium to spread the message among the Indian audience. The campaign garnered a favourable response with more than 2 million engagements and 9.5 million impressions on Facebook across a period of 3 weeks.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. KE Ranganathan, MD, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd. said, “We at Parryware are committed to driving a shift in the behavior and action of the Indian masses for achieving a sustainable future.  #FlushIt is another step in that direction where we make use of Facebook, to amplify our campaign against water wastage, open defecation and air pollution. We decided to go with kids as the protagonists for the campaign as it is they who are the future and we need to act today to provide them with a cleaner and greener tomorrow.”
Parryware has also embraced these values in its products/processes and has taken initiatives to curb these issues through water efficient products, zero emission factories and commitment to provide a toilet for all.