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Launch of World's Cheapest Kubera GST Software Developed by PES College of Engineering students


Launch of World's Cheapest Kubera GST Software Developed by PES College of Engineering students

Launch of World's Cheapest Kubera GST Software Developed by PES College of Engineering students

Unique Accounting App: 2 final year engineering students of PES College of Engineering, Mandya applied for 6 global patents.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) era is round the corner and business community is desperately looking for an affordable accounting software which can fit their business and other needs with low investment.  Their search will now end with the installation of newly introduced “Kubera” app! surprised? Two young engineering students from the remote town of Karnataka, Mandya have developed an ‘app’ which suits the bill! What makes this ‘app’ more unique is now student developers have applied for 6 global patents for this technology.

This ‘app’ is rightly named as Kubera; God of wealth as per the Indian mythology! This ‘app’ is developed by Mr. Rakesh G and Shailaja G C, two final year students from Department of Electrical and Electronics under the guidance and supervision of Dr R. Girisha, Professor, Department of Computer Science, who is also the Training and Placement officer of the college. While, CA Pampanna, works has an advisor for the Kubera ‘app’ who is responsible for all the compliances of accounting, book keeping and GST rules and regulations as per Government of India

Accounting softwares are often considered very expensive due to the huge investment they require. Dr. R. Girisha mentioned that the duo had developed this application at nominal costs while major international companies have invested hundreds of crores of rupees to develop similar applications based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. The ‘app’, developed by these students, has been on trial in Mandya district and the feedback by the retail community has been highly encouraging Dr. R. Girisha said that small vendors such as restaurants, bakeries etc had mentioned that the accounting efficiency had improved and that there was better inventory control.

The ‘Kubera’ app is going to be a game-changer for MSME as the features are wide and varied and inexpensive. The application has many features and the two students claim that it outperforms similar products presently available in the market around the world. The best part of the ‘App’ is that it does not require internet connection to perform. The features

include inventory management; support for manufacturing; payroll; cloud-based; data access anytime, anywhere; does not require you to buy your own server (to sync); Above all, it is going to be GST-compliant and the students are awaiting further updates from the government to incorporate the same
The ‘App’ allows vendors to use business and data analytics to find patterns in customer behaviour and market trends to drive business growth in a rapid phase. Kubera supports 79 different types of businesses. It is powered by artificial intelligence, Fuzzy and machine learning for invoicing, accounting and GST. And also, it provides information regarding upcoming seasons and festivals and also forecasts business according to the stock available in the shop, they explain. Another highlight of this ‘app’ is it also alerts vendors/ businessmen/ industrialists about the loss incurred if any, in the business and tries to guide them towards profitable business.
Compare to existing service providers, this ‘Kubera’ app is very economical and best. When other service providers are charging hefty amount for their service platforms due to GST compliant, Kubera is charging just nominal fee making it affordable to everyone. Its fee varies from   999/- to   4,999/- on annual basis and just   99/-  to   499/- on monthly basis. For more information kindly visit The ‘Kubera’ download is available in Google Play Store and is coming soon to Windows and IOS.

Why Kubera?

Can be used by any persons without Accounting & GST knowledge
Helps business to go fully digital
Guides Business how to comply with GST using artificial intelligence, Fuzzy & Machine learning
Helps to own e-Udyam web portal / Supports regional languages
Helps to promote business using bulk SMSs
Helps to send invoices and estimates and purchase orders through SMS,       WhatsApp or email
Helps to store valuable business data as backup securely in personal cloud drive
Lock or unlock ‘app’ using Fingerprint, Pin or Password
Print invoice directly from Smartphone / Tab, if required using Blue tooth thermal printer for customers
Use Smartphone camera as barcode scanner
Convert GST compliant invoices into PDF & send by Mail or WhatsApp or take laser print out if required for vendors / Encryption & decryption of business data