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Most Unconventional and scientific Astrology app AstroBuddy launched

Nyassa Astro Corp Private Limited has launched most scientific and unconventional Astrology App Astrobuddy. Astrobuddy is a personal 1 to 1 chat based astrology service derived from your birth chart or Kundli. It also access amazing star sign based horoscopes & predictions. In addition, detailed daily horoscopes about Love & Relationships, Finance & Career, Mood and Tip of the day. Rather than being pigeon holed into just 1 of 12 star signs, you can achieve a more precise and unique astrology consultation by entering your time, date and place of birth. The best feature of this App is that there is no religion, superstition or myth which is being suggested rather a more scientific approach which is based on the planetary movements is suggested.

Astrobuddy App is curated by a renowned Astrologer Bhupesh Sharma who is known for breaking the myths of stereotype remedies suggested by astrologers. Talking about the App he said – Astrobuddy is launched to serve a large set of geographically dispersed audience. We aim to remove the remedial gimmick which most of the astrologers now a day suggest. Our focus is completely on providing scientific and practical solutions irrespective of any religion.

Through this app a user can directly connect with experienced Indian astrologers for private consultation and Communicate on a live 1 to 1 chat based interface. Users can also add & view horoscope for their friends & family members and get prediction about their Love & Relationships, Finance & Career, Mood & Tip of the day. Another prominent feature of this app is that it breaks various myths which various astrologers suggest just to instill fear and make money.  All the astrologers on the panel of Astrobuddy are well learned and renowned. Users can chat with real astrologers and there is no system generated response model in this app. All the Chats with the astrologers have Privacy Protection through encrypted chats.

This app has a very Simple & Intuitive user interface which users can use on the Go from anywhere. It is Available on both Android & IOS operating systems.