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Now, women can feel good about using public restrooms with GoodFeel – revolutionary, utilitarian underwear that will allow her to stand and relieve herself

26th  June 2017, Mumbai: Answering every women’s plead for a hygienic public urinal, comes GoodFeel – an innovative, comfortable and safe, wear on garment that allows women to stand while relieving themselves! The man behind the invention, engineer Mr. Ashutosh Joshi and his team at JSR innovative, launched the product at a grand ceremony at The GoldFinch hotel, Mumbai on Thursday, 22nd June 2017.

Conceptualized, designed, tested and marketed by an engineer with an innovative streak and the need to better the lives of the women around him, Mr. Ashutosh Joshi, along with his wife, launched the JSR innovative.  Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ashutosh Joshi, Founder, JSR Innovative said, “GoodFeell is a revolutionary product that can bring about a social and cultural ‘liberation’ of women – similar to what the evolution of a reversible thumb brought to mankind, as a species. And we strongly believe GoodFeel, with its multifaceted uses, comfort and best in class materials and technology will surely become a household name in India, changing the female public hygiene scenario, one panty at a time!”

The Need of the Hour:

Now, women can feel good about using public restrooms with GoodFeel – revolutionary, utilitarian underwear that will allow her to stand and relieve herself

Now, women can feel good about using public restrooms with GoodFeel – revolutionary, utilitarian underwear that will allow her to stand and relieve herself

The fight for a clean and safe public toilet for women is not a new one. In 2012, in Mumbai alone, there were 10,000 public toilets for a population of 20 million people. Only 37% of these toilets were for women! Further, these public toilets are often filthy and thus not used for fear of contracting infections, or they lack water or other basic amenities, making them redundant.
Considering that most urban women, including students and professionals, spend on an average 8-10 hours outside of home for work or education, their basic need of hygienic public sanitation remains their biggest challenge. As a coping mechanism, most women either do not drink enough water or hold on to their urge to relieve themselves and suffer from pain and discomfort over long hours.  As per a research conducted by GoodFeel, it was found that an alarming number of girls and women do not drink enough water throughout the day, due to lack of sanitation facilities! It was found that:
71 % school going girls in the age of 12 to 16 years, and 57% college going girls in the age of 17 to 21 years, consume only 100 ml of water during school hours

55% working women with desk jobs, drink 1000 ml of water during office hours
51% homemakers do not drink water when they are outside their home
These are alarming numbers and such situations, over a period of time, create several health complications.

Apart from the young and active, several elderly women with health conditions also struggle with the need to urinate. With delicate health conditions, they are often dependent on a care giver for help to relieve themselves – something that could be humiliating for the patient and annoying for the care giver.

GoodFeel is designed for perfect comfort for daily wear, which will answer the needs of women, empowering them to exercise their right to sanitation. For urban women, it means freedom to use the public toilets, without fear of infections. For elderly patients, it means an improved life of dignity and relative comfort.    

How it all began

It all started when Mr. Ashutosh Joshi visited his friend at his home. The friend’s mother was suffering from Arthritis and, as a result, was struggling with intense pain each time she had to relieve herself. It was then that a curious search for a solution to the suffering took home in his mind and thus was born GoodFeel – a product that is a result of over 2 years of intense research, tests and trials.

Some of the key product features include:

•               A Utility Product for Women enabling her to stand and urinate
•               Can be worn by Women / Girls of any age group
•               A specialized Rubber attachment to the Panty to stand & urinate.
•               Drains off without leaving any traces behind
•               Each product can be reused up to 60 washes
•               Comfortable underneath both Indian & Western wear
•               Tested &  Certified as per ISO 10993 viz: (Toxicity, Sensitization, Irritability) and International Patent filled and Published in 2017
Ideal for:
·             Working women who spend considerable time travelling
·             Outdoor and adventure enthusiasts
·             Women prone to with history of UTI
·             Women who have to use restrooms in public places like restaurants, parks, concerts or hospitals
·             Women with health problems like arthritis or other illnesses
·             Children and students who have to use restrooms in schools and colleges
Available currently across lingerie stores across Mumbai and Thane region, the GoodFeel underwear is available in two colors and 5 size variants, to fit all. In the coming months, JSR innovative plans to set up an automated facility to produce 5 Lakh pieces per month.

About Ashutosh Joshi & JSR Innovative: 
A mechanical engineer by qualification, Mr. Ashutosh Joshi is an enthusiastic entrepreneur. His first stint began with the formation of J K Udyog – an automobile manufacturing company that he set up in 1993. The company today supplies auto components to biggies like TATA Motors, Mahindra, York Knorrbrimse (Germany), American Axel, Meritor Corporation and many more. Having sensed the opportunity in the invention, Mr. Ashutosh Joshi formed the JSR Innovative along with his wife Sharada.