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Punjabi Rap King Bohemia and Folk singer Satti Satvinder meet for ‘Patake’

Punjabi Rap King Bohemia and Folk singer Satti Satvinder meet for ‘Patake’

The music industry has sure reached its pinnacle, with artists emerging from different parts of the country to create music that is pleasing to the ears. From soulful music to rap, from Bollywood to Sufi, the music fraternity is witnessing new genres, along with artists budding from cities like Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana among others. Artists transpiring from the Northern states are now bringing to plate their affinity towards a combination of rap and classical or folk singing, thereby marking their presence among music aficionados.

Recently, folk oriented vocalist, Satti Satvinder teamed up with the king of Punjabi rap, Bohemia to create their new single, ‘Patake’ which released on April 13th. The hit single was brought to the audiences by CEO Dr Davindra Sandhu & Executive Director Parminder Guri from Funkbox USA, in association with Hungama and Artist Aloud with Haji Springer on the Beat as Music and Video director. This powerful punjabi anthem is sure to make your feet tap, and get you grooving.

Satti Satvinder previously has songs like London, Gabhru Di Sardari to his credit among others. Bohemia, the pioneer of Punjabi Rap, has several albums like Skull and Bones, Thousand thoughts among others along with collaborating with acclaimed artists like Snoop Dogg, Akshay Kumar and Mika Singh in the past.

On expressing her thoughts on the release of the new song, Soumini Paul, VP of Artist Aloud commented, “Satti Satvinder and Bohemia have created a very catchy anthem which people will be humming to in no time. We feel extremely delighted to be associated with the two dynamic artists, and offer them a chance to showcase their skills. We look forward to replicate the same in the coming future, along with inviting and promoting more music from indie artists.”