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As India prepares for the biggest overhaul to its taxation since 1991, STAAH updates its platforms so all Indian clients are GST complaint.

Mumbai, June 30, 2017: “With effect from July 1, taxes will be applied dynamically on the gross tariff, as per the GST rules,” says Tarun Joukani, Managing Director, STAAH India Pvt. Ltd.
STAAH is among the first providers of distribution technology that is completing such a complicated update in time, benefitting the growing list of properties that use its products.

As per the new rules, no GST is applicable to room tariffs below ₹1000 per day. Room rates between ₹1000 and ₹2500 are subject to a 12% GST; between ₹2500 and ₹7500 are subject to 18% GS; and those above ₹7500 are subject to 28% GST.

“These changes are expected to have a far-reaching impact on the hospitality industry, especially the luxury sector (five star and higher starred properties). While our clients assess the financial impact on them, we want to ensure that we enable smooth processing by dynamically applying the correct GST amount on bookings,” says Tarun.

All STAAH’s products, including the channel manager and booking engine are updated to reflect this change. Each application can now calculate and apply the GST payable automatically based on gross tariff, migrating from the current manually-applied tax applicable.

The update will reduce any manual errors on tax calculations, enable easy generation of precise reports on GST amounts and help deliver GST-compliant receipts.

“The update is automatic for all STAAH clients; however our team will train properties on how to manage their settings so the system works efficiently for them,” says Tarun.

STAAH has been enabling quick and reliable connections to local and global channels for more than 1000 properties in India. Its cloud-based products enable accommodation providers to reach their online potential, increasing revenue and streamlining their business processes.

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