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Aster Prime announces it’s unique ‘Aster Volunteers’ program for Telangana

The initiative is a part of a global drive to help channelize and connect the volunteers and those in need

Hyderabad, 8th July 2017: Hyderabad based Aster Prime Hospitals announced it’s new and unique initiative – ‘Aster Volunteers’ in the city today. The press meet was addressed by Aster Prime Hospital’s Managing Director
​​ Dr. Satish Reddy along with Mr. Krishnabhaskar Mangalasserri, Corporate Lead - Special Projects, Branding & Communications, Aster DM Health Care, Dubai on behalf of the Group Chairman, Dr. Azad Moopen, Aster DM Health Care, Dubai.

Aster Prime announces it’s unique ‘Aster Volunteers’ program for Telangana

To mark its 30th Anniversary, Aster DM Healthcare Group Dubai launched a corporate social responsibility initiative called ‘Aster Volunteers’ across its centers around the globe. This initiative has a two pronged approach: Internally - Aster volunteers can personally take up and see through as many initiatives as possible to give back to society. On the other side, a task force of Aster Volunteers is being built with employees and the public who are willing to spare their precious time and skills for those who need help.

Those who want to be a part of this initiative can register through the website to reach out to the people who require help. Whether it's medical or non medical support, volunteers will be able to offer their time and skill set to ensure it is matched with those they can help most. For those who need help, they can share details about the nature of the issue at the website, and the suitable volunteers will be able to provide support accordingly. Under this initiative, there will be many check up camps, workshops, medical camps, consultations and much more.

To mark the 30th Anniversary of their group, the Chairman, Aster DM Healthcare, Dr. Azad Moopen said, “Unlike any other professions, the delivery of healthcare is a sacred responsibility and on the occasion of our 30th Anniversary, we would like to extend this opportunity to anybody across the globe who would like to serve people within their capacity. Aster Volunteers is a healthcare and wellness initiative that focuses on spreading hope and inspiring people to look out for each other. All you need is some time on hand and the urge to do something good in your heart, so that you can be there to those in need. So far, over 6000 people across the globe have enrolled and many people have received help. We hope as many people could join hands and serve as many in need. There is no better way to give back to the society.”

On this occasion, Dr Satish Reddy, Managing Director, Aster Prime Hospitals, Hyderabad said,   “Aster Prime Hospitals complete successful 10 years in Hyderabad this year and we are happy to announce this initiative by our group that also marks a successful completion of their 30 years in the industry.  Apart from introducing many advanced technologies at our hospital, we are also now focusing on emergency and accident cases by introducing novel and new concepts.  With ‘Aster Volunteers’ program, we aim to

provide a platform for people who wish to do something to positively impact change and serve the society – medically and non – medically. Under this program, the group will also be providing basic medical training to the volunteers like – certified Basic Life Support (BLS) Training, 5000 free surgeries, 5000 MRI scans and free investigations, treatments to BPL sections of the society.  The group also plans to recruit over 100 differently- able individuals across various verticals and geographies in next one year.”

About Aster Prime Hospitals

Aster Prime Hospitals is a chain of Super -Specialty Hospitals with departments like Emergency Care, Cardiac Procedures, Orthopedics & Joint Replacements, Neuro Care, Diagnostic and Interventional Services, Women’s Services and many more. As one of the leading healthcare providers in this part of the country, patients at Aster Prime Hospitals receive advanced diagnosis and treatment for the most acute clinical conditions. With an aim to provide ethical care to patients while allowing specialists to practice in a comfortable environment, Aster Prime Hospitals strives to offer best-in-class technology and facilities on par with international standards to ensure world-class healthcare to all the patients.