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·         Bharti Foundation is the only organisation under ‘Non-profit and Charity Organisations’ category to feature in the list

·         Recognised for building a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ in the organization

·         Bharti Foundation scored 91 out of 100 in their Trust Index Score.

New Delhi, July 05, 2017: Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises, today announced that it has been ranked among the Top 100 best workplaces in ‘India’s Best Companies to Work for 2017.’ The certification recognises the Foundation’s efforts in building a high-trust and high-performance culture in the organisation. Bharti Foundation is the only organisation under ‘Non-profit and Charity Organisations’ category to feature in this year’s list.

Vijay Chadda, CEO, Bharti Foundation said, “Bharti Foundation’s inclusion among the Top 100 companies in India is a matter of great pride for all of us. I congratulate the entire Bharti Foundation team for creating and sustaining a culture of trust, credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie and I am sure we will continue to build on all these aspects. I would also like to thank our donors and partners; their valuable and consistent support has helped us bring home this prestigious recognition.”

The study was conducted on a randomly selected sample of 15% of the total employees at Bharti Foundation, including officials from the head office as well as in branch offices located across six other states in India. An audit of its Human Resources policies and practices was also carried out. The Foundation scored 91 out of 100 in their Trust Index Score and achieved a successful qualifying score in the audit.

The study was jointly conducted by The Economic Times in partnership with the Great Place to Work® Institute. More than 600 organisations participated in the assessment. The study involved organisations having an employee strength of more than 500 that represent 20 industry sectors.

Great Place to Work® Institute’s methodology is recognised as rigorous and objective and considered as the gold standard for defining great workplaces across business, academia and Government organisations.

About Bharti Foundation:

Bharti Foundation was set up in the year 2000 as the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises. It implements and supports programs in the field of primary, elementary, senior secondary and higher education. The Foundation provides free and quality education to underprivileged children across rural India through its flagship initiative - the Satya Bharti School Program. It also enhances the schooling experience in Government Schools under its Satya Bharti Quality Support Program and Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program. In the year 2016, the Foundation completed 10 successful years of the Satya Bharti School Program.

In addition to its primary focus area of education, the Foundation initiated ‘Satya Bharti Abhiyan’ in 2014, to improve sanitation facilities in rural Ludhiana and ‘Nyaya Bharti’ in 2015 to provide legal and financial assistance to deserving underprivileged under-trials languishing in jails across the country for petty offences.

Bharti Foundation is reaching out to approximately 2,00,000 students through over 1,700 schools/centres, engaging 7,100 teachers across 12 Indian states through its initiatives in the education sector. In addition, the programs have impacted over 1 million community members across rural India since inception. These programs have already been recognized as one of the largest private enterprise initiatives of the country in the education sector. Satya Bharti Abhiyan has also achieved the distinction of having delivered over 17,500 individual toilets, directly benefitting more than 86,000 beneficiaries in the villages of Ludhiana. The Abhiyan is now extending its outreach to the urban areas of Ludhiana.

Education Initiatives:

Ø  The Satya Bharti School Program:

The Satya Bharti School Program is the flagship initiative of Bharti Foundation. This rural education initiative provides quality education to underprivileged children, completely free of cost, with a special focus on the girl child. The program envisions transforming students into educated, confident, responsible and self-reliant employable citizens of India with a deep sense of commitment to their society. The program’s reach is multi-pronged, encouraging active involvement of the rural community, parents of students and like-minded organizations working in the field of education in India.<sentence deleted>The Satya Bharti School Program is being implemented with the intent to arrive at replicable and scalable components of quality education which may be adapted by the Government and other like-minded organizations. Reaching out to thousands of underprivileged children, the program, through its focus on holistic development, aims to bring forth a new generation of citizens eager to usher in positive change. Currently 249 primary/elementary Schools and five senior secondary schools are operational across Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal reaching out to 43,527 children and employing 1,677 teachers. Focusing on the girl child [49% girl students] and the weaker sections of society [75% of children from SC/ST/OBC Communities], the program is one of the largest end-to-end education initiatives by a corporate group in the country.

Ø  Satya Bharti Quality Support Program: 

The Satya Bharti Quality Support Program is an education initiative with Government Schools. Through this program, Bharti Foundation engages the school leadership, teachers, students and communities to enhance the schooling experience and strive for excellence. The approach focuses on identifying, integrating and optimising best practices from Satya Bharti Schools with the intent of encouraging innovation, participation, ownership and facilitating a sustainable change. Currently, the program is being run in 323 Government schools directly impacting 1,24,856 students and 5,133 teachers across seven states of India.

Ø  Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program: 

Bharti Foundation operates a remedial/bridge courses program with aim of bridging the education gap of out of school children and mainstreaming them into regular schools. The first phase of the program was deployed in partnership with the Government of Rajasthan and  was scaled up to Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand, extending program reach to the remote blocks of all three states. Currently, 290 Education Volunteers are engaged in teaching 2,363 out of school children, of which 47% are girls, enrolled at 223* Satya Bharti Learning Centres. Till now, 23,676 children have been mainstreamed, with the total impact reaching up to 29,756 children.

* 942 centres have been closed as most of the OOSC’s in these villages have been mainstreamed (number included in overall impact); in some villages the count of OOSC’s have dropped to such a low figure that it has gone below the minimum numbers required to run a centre, as per Government norms; of these, 58 Centres were closed due to of non-availability of qualified Education Volunteers.

Other Initiatives:

Ø  Nyaya Bharti

'Nyaya Bharti' is one-of-its-kind corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative by Bharti Enterprises, one of India's most respected business groups. The primary objective of Nyaya Bharti is to provide aid to underprivileged undertrials who are first time accused of petty offences and require financial and legal assistance to apply for bail and release. It also extends assistance to poor convicts undergoing imprisonment for petty offences due to their inability to pay petty fine imposed by the court. Nyaya Bharti's Governing Board is headed by Justice A.S. Anand (Retired Chief Justice of India). The Nyaya Bharti initiative aims at providing legal assistance and creating awareness about the undertrials' legal rights while complementing the legal aid work being undertaken by National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) and State Legal Services Authority (SLSAs) set up under statute legislated by the Parliament. Under this initiative 43 bail orders have been obtained and the release of 38 underprivileged undertrials has been affected.

Ø  Satya Bharti Abhiyan:

On 18th August 2014, Bharti Foundation launched Satya Bharti Abhiyan, an initiative to improve sanitation facilities with rural Ludhiana as a focus area. Under this initiative, the Foundation has provided individual toilets in the villages of the District, fulfilling its objective of leaving no rural household across Ludhiana without a toilet. Till now, the Abhiyan has  provided over 17,500 household toilets directly benefitting more than 86,000 beneficiaries in rural Ludhiana. In addition, it has helped in improving sanitation facilities in Government schools by providing a separate toilet for girls in 14 Government schools of rural Ludhiana as identified by Department of Education (Punjab). The Abhiyan has entered phase II of implementation by extending its footprint in the urban areas of Ludhiana.