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BLS International implementing a citizen-centric approach to deliver government services

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BLS International implementing a citizen-centric approach to deliver government services

Transparency and accountability are two pillars of a good governance. It is very important for any government to ensure the delivery of its programs and activities for reaching out to the citizens without leakage and pilferage. On the lines of e-Sampark Centres in Chandigarh, Punjab has set up 2,147 "Sewa Kendras" across the state providing about 82 services, including applying for various documents at one centre with a minimal fee. These centres act as a catalyst to help people in getting their routine administrative work done. BLS International has played a momentous role in the success of Punjab Sewa Kendras, as the company operates and manages all these 2,147 centers.
The Kendras provide services related to birth and death certificates, arms license, power supply bill, water and sewerage bill, tenant verification among many others defined under the Punjab Right to Services Act, 2011. Today, "Sewa Kendras" are the single-point of contact for the citizens of Punjab for all the government related documentation needs. In order to run these Kendras successfully, effective training is essential to enhance the productivity, capabilities and knowledge of the employees. BLS International follows a 7-day training schedule for all their front-end operators. During the training, the employees undergo 2-day classroom training educating them on the basics/know-how of processing the applications followed by 5-day on the job training which helps them to gain live experience of the Sewa Kendras.

The company is also following complete Class-Room Training model which enables face to face training about all new services that are being launched. Not only this, face to face class room training method also creates awareness about the aspects of numerous services that are available at the Punjab Sewa Kendra, for example; Passport Sewa, Mandi Board, GST, etc.
Regular trainings and checks are conducted to boost the operator’s domain & system knowledge. For this, a pre-planned calendar is shared with all the stakeholders and employees wherein the training doubts are cleared on various services. Also, this results in an open house discussion which supplements the knowledge of the employees with regard to customers’ grievances. 

E-governance in Punjab is the best example to demonstrate transparency and accountability for productive and cost-effective delivery of government services. The efficient mechanism of Sewa Kendras has resulted in daily footfall of over 35,000 in the past 9 months of operations. This is the outcome of the hard work of 4500 employees who have undergone an extensive training module.