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Book Launched - “Shifting Sands” - a collection of short stories

Book Launched -  “Shifting Sands”  - a collection of short stories

“Shifting Sands”, a collection of short stories by Mrs. Radha Venuprasad, was released by Dr. Shashi Tharoor, MP, Lok Sabha, over video conferencing here in Chennai yesterday.

“While you read the tales of Radha's characters and the worlds they live in, perhaps it is also worth looking back at how we deal with our own loved ones. A moving debut by a mature writer, Shifting Sands will appeal to many”, said Dr. Sashi Tharoor upon releasing the book who has also written the foreword.

Padma Bhushan Dr. Sarada Menon received the first copy of the book.  Mr. S. Muthiah, Renowned Historian, Mr. Iraiyanbu, IAS & Ms. Anita Ratnam, Dancer were also present.

Shifting Sands is a collection of seven short stories. The stories are about relationships, between the central characters mainly ‘Women’, members of the extended families, their culture and different experiences they undergo. The stories are based in the culture and traditions of the Nairs of Kerala, and provide interesting insights into the life of that community. But any reader can identify with the tales, because the building blocks of relationships and their many possible combinations, as well as the life situations these relationships spawn, are universal
Padma Bhushan Dr. Sarada Menon receiving the first copy of ‘Shifting Sands’ from the author Mrs. Radha Venuprasad. Ms. Anita Ratnam, is  seen.