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Bryan Durham launches BANDOOK - a music-first digital news blog

 Bryan Durham, entertainment journalist and a recognized name in the music scene, has launched BANDOOK, a Mumbai-based music-first digital news agency. Personally Curated by him, who also serves as the agency's Editor comes with over 12 years of experience in music reportage across leading English news mediums. In addition to news and features, Bandook also serves as a platform for artists and the music industry to voice their views and opinions.

 Adds Bryan, "BANDOOK is a a passion project for me. In 12 years, I've seen and absorbed music experiences with all its highs and lows, written about them and the artistes through news, interviews and reviews. With BANDOOK, the language becomes more visual, the medium more pervasive and the writing hyper-minimal. This entity will also serve as an independent voice for the artist & music industry.”

Bandook creates content for music enthusiasts with short attention spans, making it shareable, quick to read and easy on the eye. For those who want to consume news about artists and music as it happens, check out BANDOOK.