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Building a House in 24 Hours – A World Record Attempt By Mr. Paddy Menon

Building a House in 24 Hours – A World Record Attempt By Mr. Paddy Menon

India is going through a rapid urbanization and this has created a huge demand for affordable housing segment which cannot be met through conventional construction and hence modernization of construction industry has to take place. Shortage of skilled manpower and increase in their cost, leads to most of the developers facing difficulties in finishing their projects on time. Also in face of the growing pollution throughout the world, people are looking for an apt option of eco-friendly living space.

The answer for these problems can be “Precast Technology”

Mr. Paddy Menon is attempting a world record by building a 3 bedroom, 2400 sq. ft house in a day using precast technology on 15th July 2017 (Saturday) in Bengaluru. Limca Book of Records has agreed to consider his record claim for this epic event. The construction will start at 6 am and wind up at 6 am next morning.

According to Mr. Menon, Precast technology has proved its worth by saving a lot of construction time in the Europe and the Middle East. The best part of the technology is that it not only speeds up the construction work but also enhances the quality of the final output. Also, it helps in creating bigger carpet area. He says, this technology is still nascent in India even though there are a few large projects happening in a few metro cities and needs lot more awareness among the common people for them to reap the benefits of this new age technology.


·         Precast pre-stressed   concrete buildings offer a number of economic advantages especially due to low life-cycle costs.  

·         Low cost of initial construction coupled with speed   of erection, allowing earlier occupation, and low maintenance   requirements, are a combination that cannot be matched by other construction systems.

·         Modern concrete mix design minimizes cracking, maintenance requirements are minor, there are few components that require regular painting and upkeep, and the cost of looking after the building is small.  This means that modern precast concrete structures will have an almost indefinite lifespan.