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Chanakya IAS Academy organizes Art of Success Seminar at Ahmedabad​

​Chanakya IAS Academy, Ahmedabad branch, is going to organize a seminar at 301, Sachet 3, Mirambika School Road, Naranpura. The seminar will commence at 11am and finish at 1pm on 8th July 2017. The students will be addressed by the highest scorer in GS Mains, Anuj Malik (Rank 16, CSE 2016). Anuj Malik will share her success story and will discuss the ways to enhance writing skills for Civil Services Mains Exam.
The seminar aims at enabling aspirants cast aside their weaknesses, doubts and myths that hinder their success in Civil Services Examination. The seminar will be open for all the aspirants and will encourage them to bring forward their queries or doubts associated with Civil Services Examination.

Anuj Malik will explain the complete examination pattern and will provide success tips and right guidance to the participated Civil Service Aspirants. She will also share the information about the changes UPSC made in examination pattern in the past few years, right books and methodology, level of syllabus, time required, marking scheme, medium of answer and will put to rest all the doubts of the participants.

When talked to AK Mishra on this, he said; “I feel glad and proud to see my students successfully entering into this prestigious Civil Services and becoming an inspiration for others. I invite successful candidates to interact with the aspirants as I feel aspirants need a connect and a right motivation which can only be developed with the interaction between the aspirants and the successful candidates who have successfully crossed this stage and challenge and are now ready to bring a positive change in the society.