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CogitoHub: A Specialized Assessment& Talent Management Company runs a unique Performance Management program for Educators

CogitoHub Programs have helped 1,100 educators to realize their true potential and make informed decisions
CogitoHub: A Specialized Assessment& Talent Management Company runs a unique Performance Management program for Educators

New Delhi, 20 July, 2017:CogitoHub is an Education Consulting &Technology Company specializing in Assessments and Talent Management.Along with their StudentNext Program for grades 8th-12th that helps students make smart career choices, the company has been running a specialized program for Educators. The technology-enabled Edu Talent Program for educators aims at helping them create clear roadmaps for career progression and bring transparency into the appraisal process.

According to recent statistics, the education landscape in India has transformed tremendously in the last decade to become one of the largest education systems in the world with more than 1.4 million schools & over 227 million students enrolled. This has resulted in a steady rise in demand for skilled and capable teachers in our country.However, education is conventionally viewed as a subjective industry and a student’s academic achievement is often the only yardstick of a teacher’s performance. Consequently, there is a lack of transparency in appraisals which has led to diminished interest of people applying for teaching jobs in schools. Addressing this need of developing teachers, and bench marking standards in the education industry, CogitoHub developed the Edu Talent Program. This program allows faculty members to improve their performance in alignment with the vision of the school leadership and highlight their potential. Performance is measured through individual goals which are set at the start of the academic year and can be reviewed and tracked on their Online Platform. Potential is measured through an assessment by the ecosystem of the teacher - superior, peers, students, in-classroom observations and self, on predefined school competencies.

To enable educational institutions meet their goals, CogitoHub helps is identifying development areas through their unique philosophy.As mentors and guides to students, teachers play a crucial role in their development. They play the roles of Creators, Nurturers and Enablers. The qualities of the three profiles (Creator, Nurturer and Enabler) are inherent in all teachers in different proportions which is represented by their unique EduTalent Code (a decreasing order of match of the three profiles). This Code defines the teachers’ dominant traits and is provided to him/ her as part of the final EduTalent report at the end of the academic session.

At the end of the program, faculty members have clarity of role and expectations from the school, better understanding of themselves, their performance, potential and areas of development.A directional outcome of CogitoHub’sProgram is the Individual Development Plan in the EduTalentreport which highlights the Performance & Potential scores of the faculty members, thereby empowering them to create clear roadmaps for career progression and professional development. An aggregated report and Institution Development Plan is also created for the school leadership.

With this vision, Kunal Sandhu, CEO and Founder of CogitoHub said:“Our aim is to create ane cosystem where educators are empowered to realize their true potential and perform better. Our EduTalent Program is designed especially for Educators across schools in India to create clear roadmaps for assessment-led development interventions and career progressions, which is directly linked to job satisfaction and school performance. We are also targeting at expanding our EduTalent program by diversifying into other sectors as well.”

Over 1,100 teachers across India are currently using CogitoHub tools to improve decision making, realize their true potential and get a better understanding of the way forward. Their portfolio includes some of the leading educational institutions of the country.

About CogitoHub

At CogitoHub, our vision is to transform the Education Sector in India. They are a specialized Assessment & Talent Management Company working in the Education Sector with the purpose of helping Educators and Students take informed decisions about their next steps and perform better. They use Predictive Analytics, Advanced Algorithms and Machine Learning to create contextual outcomes for Educators & Students through our ‘EduTalent’ and ‘StudentNext’ Programs.

CogitoHub has a strong team of consultants from India’s premier institutes among whom are Data Scientists, HR Specialists and Psychologists who bring with them varied experiences and expertise.