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CREDAI Maharashtra Visits Signature Global project sites to understand Affordable Housing

The team of CREDAI Maharashtra initiated to understand Gurugram’s  Affordable Housing

CREDAI Maharashtra Visits Signature Global project sites to understand Affordable Housing

Gurugram: The CREDAI  Maharashtra team visited Projects of Signature Global on Sunday to understand and examine the Affordable Housing Projects built in Gurugram under the Prime Minister's Residential Scheme. Signature Global Chairman and Co-Founder Pradeep Agarwal was  present to show them the projects.  Not only did the officials of Maharashtra's CREDAI, but 13 developers  from Kolhapur of Maharashtra also visited the site to understand and examine the affordable housing project structure in Gurugram. Signature Global has so far built 9000 Affordable Homes  and will be launching 30000 more affordable housing units.

With a motive to understand the framework and managemnet of affordable housing units,  members like Ashish Pokharana, Anuron Infrastructure, Director of Mittal Brothers, Dilip Mittal, Director of Raw Properties, Majid Salim Katchi, Managing Director of S Builders, Anoop Jhmatani, Suvoy Runaval of Runawal Properties, Director of Compilation of Concert Tushar Sangle  also visited the Signature Global’s  site. The visit by the Maharashtra’s members was in line with their desire to construct promising affordable housing projects in their very own state.

“The Gurugram has been bringing in gratifying results for the PMAY policy. We have been coming up with the low-cost projects since the very beginning so our region has contributed well enough in the affordable housing sector. It’s a positive sign that the other major states have also been showing eagerness for contributing in the affordable housing policies. We welcome all the states and their serious members to come and work for  this noble policy that’s aiming to provide housing for all. Moreover it was an honor for us as the CREDAI Manharshtra’s team appreciated all our projects and the framework” said Pradeep Aggarwal, Chairman, Signature Global.