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Digitization of patient care using data

Sameer Bhalla is the Founder, CEO at HealthIntel Services Private Limited (HSPL)

 Few industries have claimed to witness dramatic changes over the past few years as much as healthcare. On the one hand, the sector is on an unprecedented boom, with progressive measures to dust of old vagaries of the system. On the other hand, few sectors are experiencing such disruption with new business models more vulnerable to competition-based practises, increasing the pressure to reduce costs and meet stringent customer demands. Also, companies continue their crusade to protect electronic medical records—from a black market eager to pay lump sum for vital healthcare information. To take in hand the repercussions of these challenges, organizational bodies today, are investing in digital-centric operations that connect and enable analysis of every piece of data across channels, operation, and patient outreach. From providing personalized care options to gathering insights to addressing new care formats such as telemedicine and outpatient care, digital technologies are a crucial tool for providers, insurance and medical service industries and one of the key factors to impact this is the incorporation of data.

With progress of technology, the healthcare industry has gone through a major transformation with the adoption of electronic medical records (EMRs). In observance with government regulation, providers, payers, and other medical organizations have commenced the long-term project of securing every patient’s medical record on secured platforms, through encryption of data. Apart from this, big data and mass records analysis are helping both patients and institutions understand, address, and provide high-quality healthcare. Based on such all-expansive capabilities, data collected from traditional sources such as data centres and customer-managed relationship (CMR) systems can be combined with insightful information from fresh resources such as mobile networks, in-camera video diagnostics, medical devices, equipment sensors, and even social media. The resulting inferences are then used to help manage complex care projects involving several specialists or help nurse practitioners fulfil basic medical needs. They are arming hospital staff with unmatched form of efficiency, aid in tracking critical equipment, and simplifying inventory management to help identify bottlenecks and adapt workflows for more effective use of resources. They help manage patient safety, secure facilities, administer building systems, oversee pharmaceuticals, track schedules, and enable telemedicine. Traditional models for collecting and processing healthcare information are ripe for disruption as Digital transformation provides unmatched access to analytics that are driving rapid changes in the industry.  At present, required push from this hyper-sensitive set is changing how one is visualizing health industry, empowering patients to make smarter decisions at reduced prices.

Spokesperson Profile Sameer Bhalla

(Founder, CEO at HealthIntel Services Private Limited)

Sameer Bhalla is the Founder, CEO at HealthIntel Services Private Limited (HSPL), a unique online offline pharmacy model in Northern India/ a technology startup in Healthcare space.
Sameer Bhalla is an alumni of Delhi College of Engineering and IIT-Delhi, and an industry veteran/professional entrepreneur, bringing over 14 years of diverse experience in Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Relationship Management and R&D.

An astute leader with strong business acumen, he is credited for creating prolific corporate turnaround stories. Prior to HealthIntel he held various leadership positions at prominent organizations including HCL, Cognizant and Infosys leading sales in Pharma/Healthcare space in India and USA. He holds a track record of building and establishing companies, by incubating engagements & strategies to successfully drive value and growth of organizations.

At HealthIntel Services, he is responsible for the entire operations including day to day business operations of the Company;executing the Business in accordance with the Business Plan of the Company and ensuring that the Annual Budget is adequate to meet the Business Plan of the Company.

Sameer combines great technical erudition and razor sharp analysis, and maintains a 360- degree approach on different verticals to enhance the overall trajectory of the business. His predilection in building customer centric products & constant push for innovation at operational level across diverse sector such as IT and Healthcare has helped him turn businesses into profits, time and again.

A few significant awards and accolades:

Rated in the top most bracket of 5% employees for five consecutive years at previous organization
Awarded most innovative solution envisioning and most global account for Novartis at Cognizant Global Corporate awards in 2009 and 2010
Awarded LifeSciences Leadership Award in 2014 for best sales and solution envisioning performance
Born in Delhi and raised in Delhi ,Sameer received his Bachelor degree in Engineering from the renowned Delhi College of Engineering, and later attended the prestigious IIT-Delhi to complete his Masters in Business Administration (Marketing and Finance).
In his leisure time, he enjoys watching sports like national football league and playing poker. He is an avid reader of development in bio-pharmaceutical world and new research initiatives taken.


Healthintel is a technology startup in Healthcare space.  The vision is to provide integrated healthcare to millions of patients in India and work towards organized health services over a longer duration.

Differentiating itself from other healthcare players in the segment, the company is redefining end-to-end solutions by catering to the needs of both doctors and patients with Clinic Automation and Delivery of Medicines. For doctors, it offers e-prescription based application ensuring efficient patient and clinic management. is their e-commerce brand and an online service of their offline licensed pharmacy serving customers directly.
HealthIntel is the only company in North India that delivers chronic and non-chronic medicines within 2 -3 hrs. A few of the other salient facilities offered by the company are: stickers with dosage information on medicine strips, regular medicine intake reminders, easy return policy for medicines and more. HealthIntel has set up a dedicated call centre with pharmacists to take phone orders, application based orders and website orders. The company has its own pharmacies and does not work as an aggregator in any region.
The offline-online pharmacy platform has witnessed tremendous growth with traction of 1.5 lacs unique patient records. HealthIntel is also providing its consumers with access to diagnostic labs as partners for increased diagnostics penetration. Its excellent value propositions to both doctors and end consumers, makes it quite favourable to all stakeholders and sets it up on a scalable growth path.
Inception The startup was launched in September 2015 in Noida by founders Sameer Bhalla, (alumni of Delhi College of Engineering and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi), Jay Karkar, Sankalp Bansal & Aseem Sharma.

Growth & Future Plans

Healthintel is based on a unique business, the hub and spoke model. Coupled with superior operational efficiency and positive unit economics, the company has escalated its growth and reach tremendously within a short span of time. It is currently consolidating its presence in Northern India (Uttar Pradesh and Delhi/NCR) while achieving remarkable month on month growth in its business. HealthIntel plans to spread its footprint to Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat in the coming months. Recently, the company has secured growth capital which will primarily help to augment reach and expand in 8-10 cities over the next 12 months.