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Fitness off the mat – 5 ways to bring Yoga closer to everyday lives

Fitness off the mat – 5 ways to bring Yoga closer to everyday lives

Yoga marks the perfect communion of the body and the soul. Integrating multiple elements of life to provide a holistic solution to mankind, Yoga is one of our oldest forms of fitness regimen rooted in our ancestral wisdom. The curative properties of yoga have been much deliberated about, but the more interesting aspect is its flexibility. One needn’t really designate a specific time or location to perform yoga.  It can be performed by anyone at any point of time. Be it at your work, while traveling or even at the pool! Yoga can be fun, even off the mat. Given below are few ways to bring yoga closer to lives.

·        Awakening in the morning

As soon as the alarm goes off early in the morning, instead of waking up with a frown, embrace the day with a smile. Only then you could look at the upcoming day as an enlightening experience. In order to get a great start every day, try concentrating on your breathing for few minutes;this is an essential part of yoga. Focus on your breath and try to enjoy the solitude. You will be able to approach the challenges in your day to day life with restrain. Stretch your entire body to relax your muscles and joints and enjoy bliss of yoga right on your bed.

Sukshma Vyayam

SukshmaVyayam or subtle exercises can be practiced to gently mobilize muscles and get the day started on an active note.Here is a simple torso movement for your upper back, shoulders and neck.

·        Sit in Sukhasana or cross-legged posture with your back straight

·        Head, neck and spine erect in one straight line

·        Interlock your fingers in front of your chest and inhale

·        Exhale to stretch your hands out forward keeping your elbows straight and palms connected

·        Gently inhale and turn towards the right side with arms stretched out, exhale come back center

·        Inhale and turn left arms stretched out forward, keeping your back straight

·        Repeat this 3-4 times