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From Junior Artist to creating an album: Aroon Bakshi

An actor’s journey is filled with struggles and perseverance; starting from the bottom as a junior artist, with only one in a million managing to become a superstar. Naturally, the path to success isn’t easy. However, Aroon Bakshi is one such actor who is moving from strength to strength. Known for his role of Mahant Dashrath Tripathi in Colors' show, ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed,’ Aroon Bakshi recently released his track ‘Vichodeya’ in the album Sufithan Season 1’s on the Artist Aloud App.

Starting his career, as a junior artist, he has acted in various television shows and films. Aroon Bakshi has worked in movies like ‘Bol Radha Bol’ as ‘Banarasi Chacha’ (1992), ‘Raja Babu’ as ‘Chandra Mohan’ (1994), and ‘Karz’ as ‘Cheema’ (2002). With over 100 films to his credit in the capacity of a junior artist, Bakshi also ventured into the music industry. He released his first playback single in an album called ‘Balwaan’ in 1992. Since then, he has contributed to the music fraternity with many other singles, including his latest track ‘Vichodeya’. The album features the best of soulful Sufi music.

Aroon Bakshi commented on his shift between industries, he said, “I have been a part of three sections of the Indian entertainment industries, music, film and television. It has been a privilege to gain invaluable experiences, as an artist, in all the three areas of the industry. My latest single features Sufi music and as a singer it is a new genre for me. Sufi is soulful and touches the heart and that is exactly what Sufisthan aimed to capture.”

‘Vichodeya’ a single off of Sufisthan Season 1, is out exclusively on Artist Aloud- Talent First App & Hungama Music and is also available on its extended networks.

From Junior Artist to creating an album: Aroon Bakshi