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Give your feet a summer treat with trendy ‘Flite’ and ‘Bahamas’ slippers

This summer, brings vibrancy and colours to your feet with Flite and Bahamas, India’s leading footwear brands by Relaxo. The super cool brand has introduces its comfortable and stylish, cool, funky yet casual collection.

Sandals and flip-flops are a good way for your feet to beat the summertime heat, but you should make sure they are worn in appropriate situations. Relaxo Bahamas slippers and Flite sandals are comfortable and light casual wear footwear, which makes it easy for the Indian youth to make a style statement. The new collection is the most modish and snappy footwear to get the coolest look this summer.

 Bahamas – Bahamas footwear has revolutionized the slipper category while staying contemporary per se look, design and style.  The collection boasts of displaying some unique, cool and funky range of flip flops and slippers catering to the varied needs of today's young India.
Price - Rs 150 - Rs 350

Flite- Flite’s unique ‘Fashionable & light’ quality is ensured by its manufacturing process, involving cutting edge EVA & PU technology. Available in an array of colors & designs, it is among the most popular brands for both men and women in the footwear industry. The comfort factor in sync with the style statement is a perfect blend for Flite footwears that have become synonymous with being exquisite and smart.

Price - Rs 150 - Rs 400

Available at all Relaxo outlets and multiband outlets, the new Flite and Bahamas collection has plethora of flip-flops and sandals for you to create your own trend this summer.

BHG-03 T.Blue Blue (E)
 BHG-03 T.Blue Blue (E)

BHL 04 Mauve D.Pink TS

BHL-01 White Black (C)

BHL-42 FL.Green Magenta TS

BHL-57 Mauve Blue

BHL-60 Black Yellow TS

FL-204B Pink Blue

FL-242 Grey Blue

FL-256 Yellow-Golden

FL-274 S.Blue Yellow

Flite footwear in Blue colour

Flite in Blue-Grey

Flite sandals in Maroon

PUG-36 Brown TS

Relaxo Bahamas slipper in Grey & Pink. Price - 140

Relaxo Bahamas slippers in Black & Red. Price - Rs. 120

Relaxo Bahamas slippers in Blue colour. Price Rs. 140

Relaxo Bahamas slippers in Cream pink & Yellow. Price - Rs. 140