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Kashiling Adake evaluates team strength ahead of PKL

Kashiling Adake evaluates team strength ahead of PKLKashiling Adake evaluates team strength ahead of PKL

"The combination of having strong left and right raiders in the team will be an advantage"- Kashiling Adake

With just a couple of days to go for the fifth season of Star Sports Vivo Pro Kabaddi,homeboy Kashiling Adake shares his insights on playing for home, the team's raiding department, the fatigue factor and the benefits of the high-altitude training stint. Transcript below:

On playing for Maharasthra for the first time in the League

Coming back to the roots is always a great feeling – this team definitely feels homely. My friends and family wanted me to play for a Maharashtrian team and were waiting for me to play for them, in front of them and so joining U Mumba has been nothing short of a blessing. The people, the team, the coaching staff everything makes me feel welcome and at home,

On advantage of having strong raiders

Having good raiders is a plus point. When a raider earns a point for the team, the covers play with a free mind and there’s less pressure on the defence – which helps them to perform better and take a few risks. Also,I am fortunate to belong to a side that boasts of strong raiders, something that always helps in gaining an upper hand over the other teams.

On U Mumba being a strong raiding side

Our team has some of the best raiders the sport has ever seen. While Shabeer and Nitin are both left raiders, Anup and I are right raiders – keeping all options covered. If the opponent’s right defence is strong, we will raid on the left and vice versa. I feel this combination of having strong left and right raiders in the team will be an advantage.

On the extended season and the fatigue factor

Our fitness camp as well as mat training camp has happened in Dehradun – which was done to acclimatise us to high altitude training which helps build stamina. This year we are focussing on building stamina so fatigue never becomes a factor through the extended season.

On their pre- season training in Dehradun

The high altitude training has been very beneficial to us. Working out and training in that altitude city has definitely helped us become stronger and increased our endurance. I am confident that the effects of the training will show once we begin our journey through the longer season this year. Our fitness levels are up and we are feeling good!