Khaitan Public School organizes leadership camp

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Khaitan Public School organizes leadership camp

Ghaziabad:  There was a leadership camp organized at the Khaitan Public School on 14-15th July. The camp was followed by sessions aiming to improve their soft and hard skills. This leadership Camp is organized every year for the prefectorial Board and students of class 9th of the school. During the entire camp,  group of 99 students are undergone training that aims to transform them into  good leaders. The initial day includes talent hunt shows and other segments that help in spurring  the soft skills of the students. To give an enjoying and sufficing end to their first day, students are shown a movie so that they do not feel the monotony from training activities and can get a required dose of fun and enjoyment. The camp’s main purpose is to enhance both the soft and hard skills so the second day gets started with yoga, meditation so as to boost their physical endurance.

“The students were giving training  to give a boost to their communication skills, leadership skills followed by other soft skills and hard skills. Teaching students the appropriate value and etiquette also plays a vital role in education. To make sure that the students get favorable outcomes from this camp, the layout of the camp was structured with the help of both internal faculty members and external experts. We have constantly been paying attention to the all-inclusive development of students that’s why we are more active with such extracurricular activities in our school” says Geeta Varshneya, Education Director, Khaitan Public School.

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