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Kiddie Snack Time dilemmas sorted with Cornitos newly launched 30g Nachos Crisps in new packaging

Kiddie Snack Time dilemmas sorted with Cornitos newly launched 30g Nachos Crisps in new packaging

New Delhi, 16 July 2017: Cornitos- India’s leading nachos brand is introducing new packaging for their popular nachos for the monsoon season. The new 30-gram packs of nachos are definitely more eye-catching – these are bigger, have attractive designs and instantly appeal to the consumer base. The flavors offered in new packs are Cheesy Sour Cream and Onion, Peri Peri, Sizzlin Jalapeno, Extra Cheesy - Cheese and Herbs, Tomato Mexicana, Tikka Masala, Lime and Mint, Spicy Sweet Chili and Barbeque.

Cornitos has extended its economical pack range by launching 30g Nacho Crisps in nine flavors. With this expansion, the brand aims to reach out to the all the school going - be it the small town or the suburbs of the country. The small, affordable pack is a boon for mothers who lose sleep over healthy snack ideas for their children. Cornitos Nachos are made with natural ingredients, herbs, NON GMO corn and cooked in healthy corn oil – making it a much better alternative than other junk food available. What’s more? The packaging is so attractive so vibrant that kids love to carry them in bags everyday. After all, each pack is full of healthy goodness and yummy taste.

Each flavor of 30g Nachos Crisps has a distinct personality and brings forth a unique sensory impact on the palate. For instance: The Cornitos Cheesy Sour Cream and Onion has a perfect balance of Sour Cream and chives with a blend of Natural Flavour of Cheddar Cheese and Herbs.

On the other hand, ‘Peri Peri’ the spicy chilli flavor has a tantalizing sharp taste and is a great combination of African Red Chili, Herbs and Tangy lemon flavours.

Sizzlin Jalapeño flavor is a treat for spice lovers. Then there is the ever popular Extra Cheesy- Cheese and Herbs, which is a unique combination of Cheddar Cheese and Italian herbs.

The diverse portfolio also has Tomato Mexican flavour that is made with juicy red tomatoes and jalapenos. For the spicy Indian twist, there is Tikka masala nacho crisps and for the lovers of tanginess, there is the Lime & Mint flavor.

Spicy sweet chili flavor is an amalgamation of chili and sweet which is adored by the Indian palates. Barbeque flavour is also one of the popular lip smacking flavors from the exotic range of Nacho crisps.

Cornitos is available at all popular grocery stores, Mom & Pop stores and Tier II & Tier III cities as well.

Price: Rs 20/- for each pack

Availability: It is available in all Retail outlets across India

About Cornitos

Cornitos is the largest brand in the Nacho Crisps category in India.  Cornitos Brand Portfolio includes Nacho Crisps, Taco Shells, Chunky Salsa Dips, Roasted Premium Nuts - Cashews & Almonds, Coated Green Peas and Pickles - Jalapeno Peppers & Gherkins. Cornitos has an extensive distribution network across Pan India. Complete Range of Products available in Retail, E-Retail and Modern Trade stores. Institutional sales across through Airlines, Horeca, Multiplexes and Cafes. Cornitos products are exported globally, to the USA, Australia, China, Singapore, UAE and South East Asia.

About Greendot Health Foods

Greendot Health Foods Pvt Ltd was the first company to launch Nacho Crisps in Indian snacks. The production facility at Roorkee, Haridwar district, Uttarakhand, is equipped with state-of-the-art processing machinery and is manned by a team committed to quality. GHFL is ISO-22000, HACCP and Halal certified company. It also has registrations from FSSAI and US FDA.