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Top 5 Apps helping parents to inspire healthy lifestyles for their kids

As parents, its their core responsibility to promote, encourage and facilitate healthy lifestyle choices. We can promote healthy living through apps that introduce and facilitate relaxation, healthy eating, exercise, self-awareness and tech safety.

Top 5 Apps helping parents to inspire healthy lifestyles for their kids

Here are top 5 apps to help parents to inspire healthy lifestyles for their kids

NexGTvKids App

NexGTv Kids app has introduced Think Health content to teach kids about health, fitness and yoga. Catering to children between the ages of 2 and 10, the Think Health content on nexGTv Kids allows access to educative and informative animated videos which will teach young learners about various health and fitness-related issues in a fun, engaging way.

With 90 videos (assets) on Fitness, 92 videos on Yoga and 27 videos on Healthcare, the Think Health content on the nexGTv Kids app is curated by expert in-house editors and delivered in a reliable, secure and immersive viewing environment. So if you want to build the foundation of a healthy life for your children, log on to Google Play Store or Apple iTunes and download the nexGTv Kids app today! Give a missed call on 0120 4848222 to get the app on your phone.

OMG.I Can Meditate! – Meditation and Mindfulness Made Easy!

If your kid ever wanted to try meditation – ‘OMG - I Can Meditate’ is a great place to start. This app shares information on how to get started meditating, taking you through a daily meditation routine designed to get you into the habit of meditating. Then it backs up that information with a large collection of topical meditations designed to help you with nearly any situation where you need to de-stress and relax. It’s not just for adults. Kids will find a collection of meditations designed to help them through some of their most stressful moments.

DaVinci Learning Kids OTT app

German kids television content leader Da Vinci Learning has now entered this market with its very own OTT service.The platform will provide on the go access to the programming and content of the channel. The OTT service has been launched as a web based service accessible through and will be soon available via an app as well.

Playing the ‘safe content’ card, Da Vinci Learning’s OTT play is banking on its reputation for curating kids friendly and educational IPs for its viewers.

KurboHealth Coaching App

Kurbo is a mobile health coaching app designed specifically for kids, teens and families. It is fun and easy to use. It helps you make smarter eating and exercise decisions and develop healthy habits. 90% of Kurbo coaching users experience weight loss within three months. Almost everyone reported improved self-confidence and self-esteem, and have a lot of fun along the way without having to follow a specific diet.

AHeart Pumping Adventure

Human Body Detectives: A Heart-Pumping Adventure:  The Human Body Detectives stories feature Merrin and Pearl, sisters who find they have a magical ability to enter different systems in people’s bodies to solve health mysteries. In their latest journey, A Heart-Pumping Adventure, you’ll learn how the circulatory system works and which food best fuels a healthy heart.

The Human Body Detectives series is a fun way to teach kids about the different body systems and the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. If children understand how their bodies work, they are more apt to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.