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Anil Kumble reiterates the importance of sleep at the trade launch of Duroflex - Energise range of mattress

Anil Kumble reiterates the importance of sleep at the trade launch of Duroflex - Energise range of mattress

Duroflex engages with trade partners for serious conversations on sleep

New Delhi, August 1, 2017 : Duroflex, one India's foremost manufacturer of sleep and comfort products, along with the Former Head Coach of the Indian Cricket Team, Anil Kumble, today unveiled the first ever designer mattress ENERGISE range in India to more than 700 trade partners from all across India. Anil Kumble’s insights on the importance of sound sleep for the human body along with an engaging conversation with the eager audience, was insightful.

India’s population suffers from immense sleep deprivation which can be detrimental. In a consumer survey conducted by Duroflex, many consumers complained about waking up tired and not sufficiently recharged for the day. Duroflex understands such sleep pain points like insomnia, sleep apnea etc which can be improved with better sleep conditions. Duroflex, conceptualized the ENERGISE Range of Mattresses to solve this very problem by providing deep, energising sleep. The trade partners understand this sleep crisis and believe that the quality of the mattress can help the prevailing issue. Anil Kumble’s engaging interaction, inspired the audience to understand consumer pain points.

Speaking on the essence of comfort and style for the perfect sleep experience, the Former Head Coach Anil Kumble said, “As a sportsman, I understand the importance of sleep. Sleep is essential for recovery. The feeling of being recharged is essential and is dependent on the quality and comfort of the mattress we sleep on. As a sportsperson I used to be on the road a lot, which meant I ended up sleeping on different mattresses wherever we were put up. The first thing I used to do when I checked into a hotel was to check the mattress because how we sleep greatly affects our performance the next day. The Energise range has key innovations that ensure a sound and energized sleeping experience. I am happy that Duroflex is championing conversations on sleep. The company has strong lineage in this industry and understands the importance of sleep very well.”

Mr. Mathew Chandy, MD, Duroflex Private Limited said “The ENERGISE Range of Mattresses redefine sleep and an iconic figure like Anil Kumble reiterating our philosophy indicates our commitment to our customer’s well being. Feeling energized is essential and we believe our sleep conversations with our dealers and distributors are necessary to share the philosophy we have for this brand. We believe in energizing India, so that everyone is able to contribute effectively to the best of their abilities in building larger mandates for our country.”

The ENERGISE Range of Mattresses is currently available in the market.

About Duroflex Energise Mattress: 

As a company that places immense trust on R&D, Duroflex engages with world acclaimed sleep scientists to meet the sleep needs of the modern, active individuals with challenging lifestyles. With three key innovations, this range is built in with the ACTIVE NRG layer for optimum pressure distribution across the body resulting in the best resting position, improved circulation and muscle relaxation. Further with the use of QUBE cell technology, it gives the twin benefits of plush feel and perfect body support while also enabling good air circulation keeping the mattress fresh and clean. Lastly, Duroflex has incorporated Phase Changing Material or PCM incorporated in the mattress that regularizes human body temperature to the recommended level, ensuring sound sleep. This range is India’s first designer mattress with signature aesthetics by the world renowned Foley Designs. The patterns and colour palate on the mattress have been conceptualized thematically around fitness and energy. There are 9 mattresses in the ENERGISE Range- NRG 40, NRG 20, Velocity, Velocity Plus, Endure, Evoke, Revive, Recharge and Active.

About Duroflex:

Duroflex is a leading mattress manufacturing company in India. It manufactures coir beds, spring beds, foam beds, pillows and cushions. As pioneers in the industry, the company was founded in 1963. The company is now India´s largest exporter of sleep and comfort products. The company started with a manufacturing plant at Alleppey, Kerala. Today the company has advanced manufacturing process in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Duroflex is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Duroflex is a member of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), hence is in sync with latest development in quality and technology in this space.