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Beginning of a new chapter in the history of collaboration between the industries of the US & India with Greenply Industries Limited and Aristech Surfaces LLC

Greenply Industries Limited collaborates for the first time with Aristech Surfaces LLC, USA, to distribute and market niche range of 100% Acrylic Solid Surface sheets under the brand name Avonite in the Indian Sub-continent

Chandigarh, 29th August 2017: August 2017 marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of collaboration between the industries of the USA & India with Aristech Surfaces LLC and Greenply Industries Limited, to distribute and market the niche range of 100% Acrylic Solid Surface sheets manufactured by Aristech Surfaces under the brand name of Avonite in the Indian Sub-continent.

 The US Commercial Service – official arm of the Department of Commerce, The United States of America under Consulate General of the United States, hosted the launch in Kolkata and New Delhi on 23rd of August 2017 and 29th August 2017 respectively.   This was a part of the unique partnership between Aristech Surfaces LLC and Greenply Industries Limited which signifies the mutual growth aspirations facilitated by the growing trade ties and close cooperation between the governments of the USA and India.

The launch in Kolkata was hosted by Mr. Jonathan Ward, Principal Commercial Officer, Consulate General of the United States and at The Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi by Mr. Patrick O. Santillo, Minister-Counselor for Commercial Affairs, Embassy of United States of America, Delhi. Present for both the occasions were Mr. Subir Palit – Country Head, Greenply Industries Limited, Mr. Harsh Upadhyay, Associate Vice President & Head - Business Development, Greenply Industries Limited and Mr. Paul Jones – MD, EMEA & India, Aristech Surfaces.

Aristech Surfaces LLC, the largest global manufacturer of continuous cast acrylic sheets headquartered in Florence, Kentucky collaborated with Greenply Industries Limited an Indian Multi-national and market leader in the domain of plywood and allied products in India for a marketing tie up under the new umbrella brand of Greenteriors

At a time when the diplomatic as well as trade relations between both the countries are at an all-time high, the collaboration is just another example of growing bonhomie between the industries of the two nations.

Aristech Surfaces is a global market leader in the Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheets since past 40 years, credited with inventing the technology of continuous casting in acrylic sheets. Its dominance in the segment can be measured by the fact that only 11 production lines of continuous cast acrylics are available worldwide and with 4 of them being owned by Aristech Surfaces. Aristech Acrylics is the leading supplier to largest and most reputed hot tub, bath & acrylic signage manufacturers from the USA, Europe & Asia. In the Global Acrylic Solid Surface Industry, the Avonite brand of Aristech Surfaces is one of the most renowned and respected brands with extremely strong customer base and robust growth trends since past 5 years.

The strong economic reforms agenda pursued by the Indian government along with the stable economic indicators and GDP growth have made India an attractive market for global enterprises worldwide and Aristech Surfaces foresees a high potential market in the Indian construction materials domain with latent demand which can be harnessed to generate strong revenue stream. Mr. Paul Jones – MD, EMEA & India at Aristech Surfaces LLC, said, “The rate of urbanization, growing populace of affluent middle class and growing segment of working young professionals with higher dispensable income are all positive indicators of growth which can be attained by a versatile and premium product like Acrylic Solid Surface in India. Furthermore, with robust industrial and infrastructure growth which is anticipated as an after effect of robust economic policies, the demand for surfacing products such Acrylic Solid Surface is bound to grown manifolds in the times to come.”

In a written message on the occasion Mr. Rajesh Mittal, Managing Director, Greenply Industries Limited said, “Greenply is currently operating primarily in the structural products category of interior infrastructure segment we expect that with robust sales efforts & strong initiatives in branding and trade relationships the existing business portfolio will maintain a healthy YoY growth in range of 15% – 18%. However, it is time to look beyond the current portfolio and start exploring new avenues to create strong revenue streams with healthy profitability for aggressive expansion in future. The organization can reap further benefits in form of sustainable revenue growth and improved profitability by exploring diversification opportunities in areas such as Acrylic Solid Surface where a latent but high potential demand is present. The above stated reasons coupled with the vision of the organization to maintain leadership in the interior infrastructure domain make a strong case for creating an alternate, independent and sustainable revenue stream which can supplement the overall growth plans of the organization in the long run.”
Mr. Rajesh Mittal further added, “This will be a continuous mission for Greenply to bring a lot of unemployed youth in the mainstream by skilling drive thereby generating employment opportunities across the country. Greenply is already a member of Furniture and Fittings Skill Council under the National Skills Development Corporation and intends to link this program also with the Skill India movement being run by the Government of India.”

All such ventures in the domain of interior décor from the house of Greenply comes under Greenteriors. Greenply launched Greenteriors wallpapers as the first product under this umbrella in the year 2015 and has already emerged as the largest supplier in the segment within a span of 2 years with sourcing from 19 premium international manufacturers from 12 Countries across the Europe, UK and USA. Handpicked exclusive designs and collections to meet local taste. More than 80 retail collections of wallpapers spread across all price points catering to Economy, Value, Premium and Super Luxury segments. Direct presence in 319 cities in India through a dedicated network of 21 distributors & 1600 plus dealers. Avonite Acrylic Solid Surface is slated to be the second addition to the ever-growing portfolio of Greenteriors brand. The partnering companies will market the product in the Indian Sub-continent under the joint branding of “Greenterior Acylic Solid Surface – By Avonite Surfaces, USA”.

The market entry of the products are through a dedicated network of 24 distributors to cover the entire country and Nepal in the first year, further expanding the network to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar and Mauritius in the following year. In year one Greenply would look forward to the development of a strong dealer network of more than 400 dealers across India and Nepal to ensure proper penetration of the market and reach of the product to places where others have failed to focus.

While there are several differentiating factors in the product setting it apart from the other brands in the market including the exclusive range of slim sheets with 3mm thickness, wider sheets of 3 feet and 4 feet (against single width offering of 2.5 feet by other players) for higher cost savings and reduced fabrication time and the super-premium range of Studio Collection – A translucent range of sheets for giving unique style and flair to the interior designs, both the companies are betting high on the fabrication support they would bring to the table as the major factor which will set the Greenteriors Solid Surface apart from other players.

Mr. Paul Jones, said “While the Solid Surface product has been present in India for close to 2 decades, the quality of fabrication has been the Achilles’ heel in the growth of the segment. The finish and quality of fabrications done in India are nowhere near to the standards followed worldwide and especially in Europe, USA and Middle East. The major reason for this is low focus of the existing players on this aspect of business. Most of the fabrications in India are done at site by team of fabricators who are ill-equipped and untrained leading to major embarrassments sometimes for the users and below par quality of finished product in general. Across the world, the fabrication of the solid surface sheets is done in fabrication workshops with state-of-the-art machines for superior finish and finesse in quality. Only the assembly and final finishing is done at the project sites which ensures faster installations, superior quality of fabrication and a long-lasting product performance.
Greenply and Aristech are planning to create a network of fabrication partners across the country and equip them with best-in-the-class machinery and technology along with adequate technical training and skilling of work force to ensure that the end products are at par with international standards when it comes to fabrication.

About Greenply Industries Limited (GIL): Greenply Industries Limited (GIL) is India's largest interior infrastructure company who stand at top when it comes to organised plywood.  They account for almost 36 percent of the organized plywood market in India.  GIL has a strong retail network, 56 branches across India and presence in over 300 cities across 24 states; it is committed to provide international quality products to its customers.

About Aristech Surfaces LLC: The history of continuous cast acrylic is the history of Aristech Acrylics®. Since the first continuous casting machine was built at our Florence, Kentucky plant in 1969, the Aristech Acrylics® brand has been supplying acrylic sheet to many of the world’s leading brands for the manufacturing of spas, swim spas and hot tubs, bathtubs, custom thermoformed parts, or for the fabrication of commercial signage and more. From its beginnings, the Aristech Acrylics® brand has blended innovation, manufacturing expertise and industry-leading customer service, to become the preferred brand of acrylic sheet for OEMs, fabricators and designers worldwide.

About Greenteriors: “Greenteriors” is an ambitious plan which has taken form and finish out of the necessity of the organization to adopt a futuristic approach to maintain its relevance and leadership in the future market-place. As the name itself connotes, “Greenteriors” will mark the entry of Greenply in the sphere of interior décor’ and furnishing. The interior décor and furnishing market worldwide has been traditionally a fashion-led domain driven by the aspirational values and look and feel choices of the target customer. The product segments in this market are highly dynamic in nature and generally bear high operating margins with moderate to high revenue streams. Through this venture the organization wants to explore the emerging product segments in the sphere of interior décor’ which have high potential for growth in the years to come and better operating margins as compared to the existing business segments. The vision is to work on the identify-develop- expand model and wherein the organization will look for sustainable product-line additions in the interior décor’ segment at considerate intervals under the umbrella brand of “Greenteriors”.

About Avonite®: Avonite® Surfaces, a global leading brand of surface products for the construction industry. A pioneer in solid surfacing since 1983, we were the first to introduce a vibrant spectrum of colors at a time when the industry consisted of only pale neutrals. We continue to expand our line of offerings with innovative, spectacular colors and patterns for our customers.
The Avonite Surfaces flagship sub-brands, Avonite® Acrylic Solid Surface and the Studio Collection®, have the quality, cost-conscious, and high-end aesthetic solutions sought by commercial architects, designers, and fabricators for projects and applications across multiple industries around the globe.