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The next time you are going to order soft idlis and crisp dosas, be prepared for a shock as restaurants will give you a bill for chutney too. Chutney which is used to come free along with your dish will no longer be free as the new GST (Goods and Services Tax) is taxing roasted gram at 12 percent.
Restaurateurs are agitated about the GST rate as they will have to pass this on to the customer. They are of the view that consumers will not be able to swallow the bill easily and there will constant arguments, fights over chutney pricing. And consumers who earlier used to ask for a second or a third helping of chutney will now have to think twice. With such high GST rate, the consumer will now have to pay more for both idli / dosa and chutney. They state that roasted gram has been taxed heavily and will impact on other food preparations too. They are urging the government to reduce the GST rate such that consumers do not feel the pinch.

While the traders and restaurateurs are of the view that GST as a whole is welcome, there are several items which need a relook to ensure that consumers do not feel post-GST prices have gone up considerably, leading to inflation.

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