Dabur Amla for Men Hair Tonic

Posted by: at 8/14/2017 12:40:00 am

Dubai, UAE, 14 August, 2017 - Many hair care brands nowadays offer the same benefits. As a result, men have a number of concerns that they would like to address with regards to their hair care that are simply overlooked and unattended to. Dabur Amla one of the most trusted and recognized hair care brands in the world, remains committed towards exploring ways to raise the standard of hair care and recently entered the male grooming category. One of the key products in the range is the Dabur Amla for Men Hair Tonic.

The Dabur Amla for Men Hair Tonic is the first product to address hair fall as a primary platform, while also offering a wide range of benefits that solve common hair problems facing men today. This is a result of the product’s unique and unparalleled formulation which provides extreme moisturizing and root strengthening that helps prevent hair fall and maintain healthy hair.

Dabur Amla for Men Hair Tonic

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