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Globally trendsetting shades launched by Fevicryl

~ Leading art & craft brand introduces first-of-its-kind Greenery, Salmon Pink, Coral Red and Teal Blue shades in India

August 16, 2017: Fevicryl, India’s leading art and craft brand, and the pioneer to launch first-ever soft acrylic colours in India, has now introduced all-new trend setting shades in the form of Fevicryl Acrylic and Soft Acrylic colours.The colors seek strong reconnections with nature and will provide larger purposes and meanings to artwork for enthusiasts. With the colours released in the shades of Greenery, Salmon Pink, Coral Red and Teal Blue, each of them has a unique meaning:

Greenery: As the Pantone Colour of the year, greenery is a symbolic color signifies the current trends in the global culture and an expression of a mood and an attitude. The colour also illustrates the flourishing foliage and the abundance of the great outdoors, helping them to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate while engaging with their artwork

Salmon: a pale pinkish-orange color, named after the color of salmon flesh has been the rage in recent times taking over social media feeds filling up with salmon colored cupcakes, perfumes, couture or even furnitures

Coral red: This precious color has not only been used extensively for making artifacts such as jewellery, but has strong connections with life so much so that it was even accepted to be one of the most popular lipstick colors recently.
Globally trendsetting shades launched by Fevicryl

Globally trendsetting shades launched by Fevicryl

Globally trendsetting shades launched by Fevicryl

Teal Blue: a medium blue-green color, similar to cyan, is also the color which stood-out at the London’s Fashion Week show and is also largely been spoken about wearing next season according to a popular social media platform, Pinterest.

These shades from Fevicryl not only offer innovative ideas to give your wardrobe a revamped look and feel but also allow users to create designs. Fevicryl Soft Acrylic Colours are ideal for use on fabric as it maintains the softness of the fabric in the painted area making the garment comfortable to wear and also acquires colour fastness over seven days with no need for ironing the painted area.  Fevicryl Regular Acrylic colors are mutisurface colors and can be used on variety of surfaces like wood, clay, terracotta, plastic, glass, etc.

Mr.  Nilesh Majumdar –CEO, Consumer Products ASF Division, “These newly launched shades of Fevicryl soft acrylic colors and acrylic colours will provide users with a fresh impetus to their innate craving of immersing in a complete experience of inherent natural world. A combination and mix of vibrant colours which have strong links with nature make the art exciting while offering results of your choice. We are delighted to provide art enthusiasts and users at large with the outpouring of creativity combined with nature.”

About Pidilite Industries:

Pidilite Industries Limited has been a pioneer in consumer and specialties chemicals in India. Over two-third of the company’s sale come from products and segments it has pioneered in India. Its product range includes Adhesives and Sealants, Construction and Paint Chemicals, Automotive Chemicals, Art Materials, Industrial Adhesives, Industrial and Textile Resins and Organic Pigments and Preparations. Most of the products have been developed through strong in-house R&D. Pidilite is also growing its international presence through acquisitions and setting up manufacturing facilities and sales offices in important regions around the world. Fevicol is now the largest selling adhesives brand in Asia.